What Your Watch Says About You: Cartier Tank

Welcome to “Part One”¬†of our latest Blog series What Your Watch Says About You-

The Cartier Tank Watch.

- Celebrities: Jackie O was the original “Cartier Tank” woman. Today, we associate celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway, and Jen Aniston with the Tank watch. The quintessential woman-next-door, these celebs are loved by men and women of all ages. They are at once classically beautiful and traditional. They know what works for them in fashion and beauty and stick with it, earning them their spots on magazines’ “best dressed” lists year after year. Even though we know Jen is often seen wearing her gold oversized Rolex, her sophisticated, clean and elegant style fit to what the Cartier woman embodies.

- Outerwear: Burberry trench coat. The Burberry trench, like a Cartier Tank, is an absolute wardrobe essential for the classic woman.

- Shoes: A pair of classic Jimmy Choo black pumps and Chanel ballet flats. The woman who wears a Cartier Tank believes in luxury investment pieces- Chic black heels and practical Chanel flats are the only shoes she’ll ever need and will never go out of style.

- Sunnies: An oversized pair of black shades from Chloe or Oliver Peoples. Just like Jackie would wear.

- Handbag: We equate the Cartier Tank with a Hermes Birkin bag. Its sophisticated, elegant, high-class without being flashy. Like the Tank, the Birkin is the “one” bag every woman aspires to own and may be the only purse she ever needs. The Birkin’s design- understated, clean, squared-off lines- even mimic the physicality of a Cartier Tank.

- Vacation Destination: The Cartier Tank woman summers in the Hamptons, likely East Hampton, as it is the more established side of the island. While Paris would be an obvious vacation destination for a Cartier Tank lady, she enjoys the accessibility of the Hamptons, and being a part of this quintessentially chic summer scene.

- Reading Material: the current NYTimes best-seller, Vanity Fair and her much beloved copy of Great Gatsby.

- Cocktail: A cool Gin and Tonic with fresh lime. The drink is clean, crisp, fresh and sophisticated, just like the Cartier Tank.

So, are you a Cartier Tank?

If the answer is Yes, you are chic, understated, classic, beautiful and versatile. The Cartier is a timeless symbol of elegance and sophistication.

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