Used IWC Portuguese Chronograph 3714 – Perfect Dress Watch?

“Perfect” may be a stretch, but the IWC Portuguese Chronograph is one of the best dress watches out there.  It’s dressy, but also looks a bit sporty.  At 40.9mm, it’s big, but not overpowering.  And it’s an IWC – one of the best brands around.

IWC knows that it has a hit on its hands.  The aggressive price increases are proof of that.  The watch now retails for $8,600!!  I don’t remember the historical retail prices, but I seem to remember the watch being priced in the 6s not too long ago.

Never fear – you can still snag the watch for a reasonable price on the second hand market.  The pre-owned models sell for $5,000-$6,000 depending on a number of factors – condition, box/papers, buckle, etc.

If you find one, don’t be afraid to move quickly.  These watches sell fast.  And after the initial depreciation hit, they hold their value.

Check out the silver dial model available on eRelyx: IWC Portuguese Chronograph 3714


Watch of the Summer: Tag Heuer Formula 1 WAC1214.BA0852

Fun. Sporty. And a little flashy.  This Tag Heuer Formula 1 is a great woman’s watch for the summer.  The best part about this watch is that it transitions from day to night very well.  It works well for the beach or the sports fields and for a dinner out on the town.

Retail price is $3,000, but we’re only asking $1,899 for this unworn model.  Check it out here.


Rolex Submariner Date – Best Holiday Watch Gift

If you’re looking to buy that someone special a luxury watch, I don’t think it gets much better than this!! A Rolex Submariner Date.  Classic.  Good investment.  Extremely versatile.  It’s a no-brainer!  Check out the Rolex Submariner Date on eRelyx.


Collectors Alert! Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi

Want to buy a watch and get paid to wear it?  Then the Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi is your watch.

Let’s look at the facts.  Rolex is the most well-recognized watch brand in the world.  The sport models are Rolex’s most popular models.  Rolex stopped making the “Pepsi” models several years ago.  Rolex raises their prices every year.

We’re not betting folks, but it would be hard to imagine this watch being worth less than $7,000 in 5 years.  So, you’ll essentially get paid to wear it!!

Click here to check out our Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi on eRelyx.


A Lesson in Luxury Watch Linguistics

Foreign languages are not my thing. I majored in English for a reason. I, like many Americans, am not good at mimicking the elegant fluidity the romance languages possess. But like any good actress (or, as in my case, general poseur) will tell you, its all about practice, practice, practice.

Luckily, for all of you out there who also count yourselves among the phonetically challenged, we have found a solution! Check out this neat little break-down of the most troublesome high-end jewelry/watch designer names, written up by the folks over at Commit these to memory and you’ll be speaking “fancy luxury brand expert” in no time!

Audemars Piguet: OH-duh-MAHR PEA-GAY
We’re in awe of the beautiful detailing and intricacy of the watches from this Swiss brand that boasts celebrity fans like Justin Timberlake and Usher.

Bulgari: BULL-ga-ree
There is nothing vulgar about the accessories from this Italian jewelry brand that was founded in 1884.

Hublot: OO-blow
This Swiss watch brand is behind the most expensive watch in the world, worth $5 million.

Jaeger LeCoultre: Yay-GER leh-KOOLT
Jagermeister is German, but this watch manufacturer is Swiss. Nonetheless, we’re practically a “Koolt” as we worship this luxury brand’s classic and elegant designs.

Patek Philippe: pah-TEK fil-EEP
Pronounce the second word the same way you would say the well known Chinese restaurant chain by the same name. Luckily there is nothing greasy about this designer’s watches.

Piaget: pee-ah-ZHAY
If you say Piaget too quickly it sounds like PJs. Seems proper considering the jewelry and watches from this designer are so fabulous they would dress up just about anything.

Tag Heuer: TAHG HOI-ur
We wonder how long it took the face of this brand’s campaign, Leonardo DiCaprio, to pronounce this name properly?

Ulysse Nardin: you-LEESE nahr-DAN
Here’s a shout out to all Greek mythology gurus or Brad Pitt fans—Ulysse was the Greek king that took over Troy. They were known for their many ships, which seems fitting as this watch brand stamps an anchor on all their watches.

Van Cleef & Arpels: Van Cleef and ahr-PELL
Cleef rhymes with leaf and this jewelry designer takes a lot of its inspiration from nature.

Vacheron Constantin: VASH-er-ahn kon-stan-TAN
Just as Constantine was a great Roman emperor, this brand is a longtime (since 1755) king of exceptional Swiss watches.




A Very Merry eRelyx Photo Shoot

Just as a holiday treat for those of you reading at home, we’re giving you a special look at some of the best, and most candid, shots from our eRelyx photo shoot this past Monday with our gorgeous spokesmodel, Jen Welsh.

We have to thank the team at Alton Lane- a bespoke men’s clothier- who generously offered us the use of their awesome showroom, located on Boston’s famous Newbury Street (91 Newbury Street, to be exact). Keep them in mind if you’re in Boston area, or- if you’re anything like us and still working on that Christmas shopping- a custom fitting makes a great gift for any guy on your list! For more details, visit Alton Lane’s website here.

Also be sure to check out our favorite eRelyx watches from the shoot (below)- all of which would make a gift that someone special (or you!) is sure to love. Plus, you can still get that gift by Christmas when you order by 2pm (EST) Thursday 12/20!

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Cartier Tank Francaise – Perfect Holiday Gift?

In a couple of weeks (probably last minute), men will be rushing around trying to find the woman in their life the perfect holiday gift.

Well, this is it!  The Cartier Tank Francaise watch.  She will love it.  And it will send the right messages:

1. You care about her.
2. You have good taste.
3. You’re willing to spend money on her.
4. You’re smart (saving all that money on pre-owned).
5. You’re thoughtful.

There you have it.  Check out the Cartier Tank Francaise watch on eRelyx. Retail price is $4100.  Our price is $2599!!  Pre-owned in excellent condition.

If you still need help, check out our friends at giftplum for ideas.

Cartier, Tank Francaise, eRelyx, holiday gift ideas


Swatches & Watches – Alton Lane & eRelyx

Alton Lane and eRelyx hosted an exclusive Swatches & Watches event on Tuesday, November 13th at Alton Lane’s Boston showroom.  Guests were treated to whiskey, wine, and hors d’hoeurves while browsing amazing custom clothing samples and a selection of pre-owned luxury watches from Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, and others.

Alton Lane is one the fastest growing men’s bespoke clothiers in the US.  Here’s the cool part – the company uses 3D imaging technology to take accurate measurements.  And it doesn’t hurt that they offer amazing customer service and free drinks in a cool, laid back environment.
Click here for more information about Alton Lane.

eRelyx is the online marketplace for authentic pre-owned luxury watches.  Why buy new when you can saves thousands on like new pre-owned luxury watches?
Click here to see pre-owned luxury watches at eRelyx.
Click here to shop eRelyx accessories.

Click here to see pre-owned luxury watches at eRelyx.
Click here to shop eRelyx accessories.



Poll: Breitling Navitimer World – Blue or Silver Dial?

Breitling Navitimer World, Blue dial, silver dial, used watches

Which dial color do you prefer on this Breitling Navitimer World – blue or silver?

(Try to vote independent of the strap/bracelet – just vote on the preferred dial color)