Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 – Unworn and Complete

Looking for an amazing everyday watch?  Want something that is rugged yet sophisticated?  Want something that will increase in value?  Want something that is sure to be a collectors’ item?  Want something that looks good with just about anything?

Then this Rolex Sea-Dweller may be the perfect watch for you.  This particular model is unworn and complete with everything – box, papers, manual, hang tags, extension link, tool, etc.  M serial number – circa 2007-2008.

This beautiful watch is available on eRelyx – click here for more details: Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600


Rolex Mercedes Hand

We’ve said it many times – watches and cars share a special relationship.

Breitling and Bentley

Panerai and Ferrari

Corum and Rolls Royce

And what about Rolex and Mercedes?

Rolex GMT Master II

As you’ll notice, the Rolex sport models (Submariner, SeaDweller, GMT Master II, etc.) have an hour hand with a Mercedes logo at the end.  Well, not so fast.  That’s not actually a Mercedes logo (well, it is, but it’s not supposed to be).  It’s actually a three pointed star (Rising Star) with each point representing the three modes of transport: land, air, and sea.  According to KeepTheTime, “Its purpose is to hold the lume component of the watch and provide visibility of the hour hand when it is overlapped by the minute hand.”

Regardless…if Rolex WAS to partner up with a car manufacturer, Mercedes would be a logical fit.  Don’t you think?,