Recap of 2010 ESPY Awards

Last night, Los Angeles hosted the 2010 ESPY Awards – or, as most people like to call the event, the Watch Watching Super Bowl. Athletes and entertainers in one place at the same time. Jackpot.

The event did not disappoint. There were some great luxury watches on display. As I watched the event, I got excited thinking about all of the great watch pictures that my photo agency would surely capture. Boy was I disappointed this morning. All they got were pictures like this:

It’s like they don’t even know what us guys want to see. We want to see luxury watches. Naturally, I was prepared. I sent my trusty photographer, B. Berry, to the event to take pictures of the hottest watches of the night. Berry did not disappoint. He took these great images of Jeremy Shockey and Evan Longoria wearing jaw-dropping wrist clocks. Check them out:

Those guys don’t walk into the local watch store and pick up any old Rolex, Panerai, IWC, or Zenith. They hunt around for something unique and expensive. That way, no one will show up wearing the same watch (embarrassing). I can’t tell you what brands they’re wearing, but I can assure you that those watches are expensive.

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(Pictures of Brooklyn Decker and Marisa Miller courtesy of PR Photos)