Jennifer Aniston Makes Grown Men Cry

Jennifer Aniston showed up to the LA Premiere of Wanderlust looking as beautiful as ever.  However, she made me cry a little bit.  Do you see why?

Jennifer Aniston, celebrity watches, eRelyx, Wanderlust

Bracelets on both arms.  No watch.  What?!?!  How could you do that to us?  You have so many amazing watches.  Bracelets look great.  But watches look great and tell time.  Therefore watches are superior to bracelets.

Dear Jennifer – please wear a watch to your next red carpet event.

Maybe your rose gold Rolex President!

Jennifer Aniston, eRelyx, celebrity watches, RolexJennifer Aniston, Rolex, Celebrity watches, eRelyx, Rolex President

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Photos by PR Photos.


Lilly Ghalichi – Fashion Entrepreneur, Attorney, Watch Lover

We love watches – you know that.

You also know that one of our favorite trends is women wearing oversized watches.

In 2010 we praised Jennifer Aniston.  What’s not to love – she’s talented, attractive, likeable, and has a great collection of oversized watches.

Jennifer Aniston, Gold Rolex, Rolex, celebrity watches

In 2011 Tamara Ecclestone and Sofia Vergara were all over eRelyx.  Both women love oversized watches (including our absolute favorite, the Cartier Ballon Bleu).

Tamara Ecclestone, Cartier, Cartier Ballon Bleu watch, luxury watch, used watches, celebrity watches, oversized watches

Sofia Vergara, Cartier Ballon Bleu, Cartier, celebrity watches, oversized watches, luxury watch

Well, it’s 2012.  Who will step up to be our favorite oversized watch-wearing celebrity?  While it’s still early, we have a front-runner: Lilly Ghalichi.


You heard us.  Lilly Ghalichi.  Okay, so by most standards, she’s not a true celebrity.  But why not?  Paris Hilton is a celebrity.  Kim Kardashian is a celebrity. Heck, Snooki is a celebrity.  Admittedly, we stumbled on Lilly as we were browsing PR Photos to find other celebrities wearing watches.  But what is stopping Lilly from becoming a celeb?  Not much.  She’s easy on the eyes – you can be the judge below.  She’s smart – she’s a licensed attorney in California!!  She’s a budding fashion entrepreneur – her company, Femme Noir Swimgerie, recently merged with Have Faith Swimwear and the joint company will re-launch early this year.  She’s not afraid of the spotlight – every room in her house has red carpet (okay, we made that up).  She knows the difference between then & than and your & you’re. And the key to becoming a celebrity – she loves amazing watches.  In our ‘Twinterview” with Lilly, she claimed, “I love watches. They’re so sexy on men and women.”  We couldn’t agree more!

Check out Lilly wearing two of her favorites – a gold Rolex President and a white ceramic Chanel J12.  Expect big things from Lilly in 2012 and beyond.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.  Hopefully these photos will inspire other young stars to wear watches on the red carpet.

And don’t be afraid to follow Lilly on Twitter: @LillyGhalichi

Photos by PR Photos and Lilly Ghalichi.  Special thanks to Lilly Ghalichi for her “Twinterview” (eRelyx calls dibs on that term if it hasn’t already been claimed. Def: Interview via Twitter.)


The eRelyx 2011 Watch Countdown

With New Years Eve is just around the corner, its that time again to look ahead to 2012 and also to reflect on the year gone-by. Which means, here at eRelyx, its time for a Celebrity Watch Re-cap! (Because who doesn’t love a re-cap / countdown?)

In 2010 we gave you our “Top 5 Watch-Loving Celebs” – (5) Ashton Kutcher, (4) LeBron James, (3) Eva Longoria, (2) John Mayer and (1) Jennifer Aniston. (Click the celebrity name to view the original post)

John Mayer 2011 unknown Jennifer Aniston, eRelyx, celebrity watches, Rolex

This year, we’re spicing it up a little and giving you the “Top 5 ‘Watch-Heavy’ TV Shows” of 2011

We’ve gone through the footage on our TiVo to bring you the shows that did not disappoint this year when it came to catching our attention, time and time again, with a diverse range of high-end, quality, and often flashy, timepieces.

So here we go, in no particular order, our #5 2011 Top TV Show “to Watch” is…(drumroll please)…

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHBH Watches, Real Housewives Watches

These ladies certainly know how to show-off, and their wrist-wear is no exception. While we are embarrassed to admit it, our weekday evenings would be so much more lackluster without this juicy & voyeuristic Bravo series detailing the lives of these rich, fabulous, and, er, dramatic, women.

Lisa: Franck Muller

Kyle: Michael Kors, Rolex, Cartier

Kyle Richards, celebrity watches, eRelyx, Rolex

Kim: Cartier

Camille: Cartier

To learn more about the ladies, click here or visit and stay tuned to see our #4 pick in the countdown…


On Trend: The Oversized Watch

We love the look of a man’s watch on a woman, and if there’s anything we’ve learned in our months of celeb-stalking, it’s that Hollywood agrees. It’s been a hot look for a while now, and, as the following feature (see below) from the September Issue (only the most important issue in the fashion magazine universe) of InStyle illustrates, the oversized watch trend is far from being just a fad.

Check out some of eRelyx’s favorite leading ladies working it in some large watches-

The favorite oversized watches of the celebs above? Anything by Rolex- including the Rolex Datejust, President, Daytona & Submariner and, from Cartier, the largest size of the popular Ballon Bleu model.


The Many Watches of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston can do no wrong in our eyes. Shes gorgeous, in amazing shape, talented, and, for the icing on the cake, she loves watches. Aniston has a luxury watch collection to make just about any girl (or even guy) go green with envy. Honestly we can’t decide which look of hers we love more:

The “old-school”: A stainless steel Rolex Datejust at the 2003 People’s Choice Awards

The “traditionalist”: A classic Cartier Tank Francaise on the movie set of “Bounty Hunter”

The “go-to”: A men’s gold Rolex President. The favorite of Aniston herself, this is the watch she is most often photographed wearing (and is rumored to have been a gift from her ex-beau, John Mayer, a fellow Rolex lover)

The “trend-setter”: A special edition all-black PVD Rolex Milgauss with Owen Wilson at the Marley & Me press junket in Rome, Italy.

So, what’s your favorite watch of Aniston’s collection? Vote in today’s poll and let us know!

Voting will close on Friday June 17 at 2:00 pm ET


Going With It

Adam Sandler’s newest movie “Just Go With It” might be lacking laughs but its certainly not lacking in hot chicks who wear hot watches.

Blonde Beauties, Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston turned up to the Berlin and Madrid photo-calls for the movie in big, bold, gold watches. Aniston (an eRelyx regular at this point) was wearing that same gold Rolex (a supposed gift from ex-beau John Mayer…) we’ve blogged about many times before.

Decker wore what appears to be a very similar style, although, from the angle she’s standing at its hard to be certain exactly what brand/model it is- could be a Rolex Day-Date with a president bracelet- if you have a better guess, let us know!

Meanwhile, Sandler was the odd-man-out in the trio. Having opted not to “go with it” (the gold watch trend that is), we were left wondering how the heck he got between two of the hottest starlets in Hollywood…

Photos Courtesy of PR Photos

Love the gold watch look? Check out these great gold and two-tone options available now at eRelyx- click the images below for more details!


2010 Top 5 Watch Celebrities – Number 1

Happy New Year!

Our first order of business is to reveal our Top Watch Celebrity.  If you are a loyal blog reader, you won’t be surprised by our selection.  We have blogged about her several times.  She’s beautiful, is loved by millions, has a great personality, and wears great watches.  We are, of course, talking about Jennifer Aniston.

Take a look at Jennifer wearing a hefty dose of Rolex.  (Jennifer – call us – we’re looking for a new spokesperson)

So there you have it!  Our Top 5 (okay, 7) Watch Celebrities for 2010.  We can’t wait to see who enters the competition in 2011.

(Photos by PR Photos)


Epic Watch Battle: Aniston vs. Longoria

The other day Eva Longoria Parker was the subject of “Identify That Watch” on the eRelyx blog (click here).  One of our loyal readers said that it was too difficult to see her watch in the pictures that we posted.  I told him that posting more pictures of her might take the fun out of the game – it would be too easy to identify her watch.  His response was that posting more pictures of Eva Longoria could never be seen as a bad thing.  Ummmm…great point.

So, I went in search of more pictures of Eva Longoria.  During that process I learned that she is a huge watch fan.  So…not to put any pressure on you, Jennifer Aniston, but if you don’t get back to us soon we may hire Eva Longoria as the eRelyx spokesperson.  The time to act is now.

What do you think – should we go with Jennifer or Eva?  (Click on the thumbnails for larger images)

So – who’s the better eRelyx spokesperson?

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(Photos by PR Photos)


Aniston’s Rolex Outs Her Dating Status

You can learn a lot about an individual based on the watch he or she wears.  We’ve blogged about that before.

For example, Ke$ha wears a colorful, loud watch.  Sting wears a classic, conservative watch. Makes sense, right?  Those watches seem to reflect their personalities.

But can you learn about someone’s dating life based on the watch that they wear?  Star magazine thinks so.  Apparently Jennifer Aniston has recently been seen wearing a gold Rolex watch (seen below) that was given to her by John Mayer.

Well now Star wants to start rumors that they’re back together.

Really?  It’s a gold Rolex watch – who wouldn’t want to wear it?  I’m sure that I have a few presents from ex-girlfriends that I still use or wear.  We’re not back together.  Trust me.

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(Photos by PR Photos and Star)


Even Justin Bieber Loves Watches

It’s official.  eRelyx has Bieber fever.  We tried to resist, but it was bound to happen sooner or later.  He is just so talented.  Even stars in Hollywood praise him for his talent.  Megan Fox recently had this to say about Justin: “He’s got more talent in those bangs than I’ve got in my whole body.”  What?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Those are some talented bangs.  Bangs that deserve their own show in Vegas.  Cirque Du Bieber’s Bangs.  Where do I get my tickets?

Talent aside, we also love Bieber because he loves watches.  He’s all about big, bold watches like the Casio G-Shock.  It’s only a matter of time until he’s sporting Rolex, Panerai, Breitling, etc.

PS,  Megan Fox – if (when) you read this, shoot us a quick note.  Jennifer Aniston has yet to respond to our offer for her to become the eRelyx spokeswoman and we think it’s time to explore other options.  (Jennifer – we’re still interested.  Email us.)

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(Photo by PR Photos)