eRelyx Watch Madness – Elite Eight #3

Match-Up #3 of the eRelyx Watch Madness 2012 “Elite Eight” is…

IWC Big Pilot
Rolex Daytona

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eRelyx Watch Madness: Sweet Sixteen #7

The Sweet Sixteen- Match #7 is here:

IWC Big Pilot
Breguet Marine Big Date

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eRelyx-Watch-Madness-2012-Sweet-16-Match-7-IWC-Big Pilot-Breguet-Marine-Big-Date-eRelyx-Used Watches


Commentary on Watch Madness – Round 1

We’re approaching the end of Watch Madness Round 1, so I thought I’d take a moment to comment on the results so far.  Take a look at the results (click to enlarge).  Any surprises?

Watch Madness, eRelyx, Watch Madness 2012, Omega, Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Panerai

In the $0-$5,000 bracket, everything seemed to go according to plan.  Both Omegas won their first round match-ups.  I did think that they Baume & Mercier Capeland would fair a bit better – it’s new styling is very popular.  However, it was no match for the power of the Omega brand.

Many people would consider Montblanc’s victory over Tag Heuer an upset – but, Montblanc has been coming on strong in the watch world lately.  People like the big, bold, clean style of their watches.

It will be interesting to see who pulls out the final match-up: Omega Seamaster vs. Breitling SuperOcean Heritage.  Two popular brands, two cool watches.

In the $5,001-$10,000 bracket, everything played out as one would expect.  The IWC Portuguese Chronograph, Panerai Luminor Marina, Breitling Navitimer World, and Rolex Submariner Date are all VERY popular watches.  I thought that the Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph might have a chance against the Panerai, but last year’s champion pulled it out.  I’m excited to see the results of the second round match-ups.  There are going to be some TOUGH choices.

There was a minor upset in the $10,001-$15,000 bracket where the Cartier Roadster chronograph lost to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso.  Both are great brands, popular, and unique.  I believe that people have a love-hate relationship with the unique shape of the Roadster.  That may have hurt it’s chance for victory.

I’m not surprised that the Rolex Daytona beat the IWC Portuguese Yacht Club – however, the Yacht Club is one of my favorite watches right now.  It’s different.  It’s cool.  It’s harder to find.  And that hint of red really stands out.

The results in the $15,001+ bracket were a bit surprising.  I didn’t expect to see the Patek Philippe Nautilus lose in the first round.  And I was surprised at how handily the Patek Philippe Calatrava beat the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore.  Judging from those results, it looks like the classic, clean styles may do very well in this competition.  The Nautilus, Royal Oak Offshore, and even the Cartier Roadster chronograph are all a bit unique and all lost in the first round.  Seems like the Rolex President should defeat the Hublot Big Bang handily in the last match-up of the bracket.

Round 2 starts on Thursday afternoon.  There will be some very interesting match-ups.  We’re excited to see how things play out.  Click here to stay up to date.

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eRelyx Watch Madness 2012: Match-Up #11

Match-up #11 is here:

IWC Big Pilot
Vacheron Constantin Overseas

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 eRelyx Watch Madness 2012-Round”

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Gossip Girl Celebrates 100 Episodes

The cast of Gossip Girl recently celebrated the show’s 100th episode.  The usual suspects were in attendance.  But who caught our eye?  Leighton Meester?  Blake Lively?  Well, yes and yes.  They both looked great.  But they weren’t wearing watches.  Here’s proof:

Leighton Meester, eRelyx, Gossip Girl

Blake Lively, eRelyx, Gossip Girl, 100th episode

See, we told you.  The cast member that REALLY caught our eye was Chace Crawford.  We see that Panerai hiding under your sleeve.  Let it breathe!!

Chace Crawford, celebrity watches, eRelyx, Gossip Girl, 100th episode

Chace Crawford, celebrity watches, eRelyx, Gossip Girl, 100th episode

Chace Crawford is our favorite actor on the series.  Why?  You guessed it – he’s often seen wearing great watches.  Seems like Panerai and the IWC Big Pilot are his favorites.

Chace Crawford, IWC Big Pilot, Gossip Girl, celebrity watches

Chace Crawford, IWC Big Pilot, Gossip Girl, celebrity watches

Chace Crawford, IWC Big Pilot, Gossip Girl, celebrity watches

Chace Crawford, IWC Big Pilot, Gossip Girl, celebrity watches

Chace Crawford, Chace Crawford watch, Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford, Panerai, celebrity watches

100th Episode pictures courtesy of PR Photos.


IWC Advertising

If you follow our blog you know that we’re huge fans of IWC.  Both the Portuguese Chronograph and Big Pilot have recently been featured as our “Watch of the Moment.”  IWC watches are well made and look stunning.   In addition, IWC is one of the most respected brands among watch enthusiasts and industry professionals.  Over time, we believe that the brand will receive the same level of recognition among the general public as Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Cartier.  Great advertising will certainly help.

IWC and its ad agency have churned out some winners in the past.  One of our favorites is their public transportation campaign seen below.

IWC would love for everyone to try on their watches.  Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen.  This advertising campaign is the next best thing, isn’t it?  The creativity is through the roof!!  Brilliant (although probably not cheap!).

Another IWC advertisement that we love is one that calls out men.  “IWC – Official supplier to men.”  You know what? I’m a man.  I should probably have an IWC watch.  After all, they are my official supplier.  Plain & simple.  I like it.

In general, IWC, unlike many other watch brands, “gets” advertising.  But it’s not without its head-scratchers.  I saw the ad below while walking in downtown Boston.

Engineered for navigators?  I’m not sure what that means.  Does that mean it’s high quality?  Does it have a compass?  Maybe a sextant (yep, just dropped “sextant” into a blog)?  Maybe it has GPS – it is 2011, right?  Will it help me navigate the Boston subway system?

If the watch is for navigators, does that mean that it’s not for me?  I basically navigate my way from my condo – to the office – to the gym – to the grocery store – and back home.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  I don’t need a special tool for that.

Look.  I understand that advertising can’t, and shouldn’t target everyone.  But, will the navigators please raise their hands?  Anyone?  Is this thing on?

I will have an IWC Portuguese Chronograph someday soon.  But it’s not because I’m a navigator.  Or because I want a watch that was engineered to satisfy Lewis and Clark.  I will buy an IWC because it looks amazing.  Because it keeps accurate time.  Because it makes me feel great.  Because it makes others ooh and ahh.  Shouldn’t IWC focus their ads on that?

I LOVE IWC (Dear IWC – don’t be mad at me.  You guys are fantastic).  I will recommend the brand to anyone who will listen.  But this ad left me scratching my head.

What do you think?


IWC Big Pilot: 5002 vs. 5004

The IWC Big Pilot is a hot watch.  Watch enthusiasts love it.  Celebrities love it.  We love it – it was our Watch of the Moment several months ago.

As people begin to research the IWC Big Pilot, a common question often arises – what’s the difference between the 5002 and the 5004?

IWC Big Pilot 5002 and 5004

First – the obvious difference – the dials are slightly different.  The 5002, the original Big Pilot model, has a slightly more military look.  The 5004 is a bit more modern.  The date window on the 5002 is white while the date window on the 5004 is black.  Also, the 5002 has a “9″ at, well, 9 o’clock while the 5004 does not.  In terms of the looks, it all boils down to personal preference.

More importantly, the movements are slightly different.  IWC wanted to update and improve the movement when it introduced the newer 5004 watch.  The 5002 movement is rated at 18K beats per hour while the 5004 movement is rated at 21.6K beats per hour.  The increase in the beats per hour allows watchmakers to better fine-tune the movement, resulting in increased accuracy.  However, most watch-wearers will not notice the difference.

If it was only that simple.  Here’s where it gets slightly more complicated.

IWC made several watches with the older style 5002 case/strap and the newer style 5004 movement.  These watches are known as the 5002 Transitional models.  Old outside…new inside.  Because these models were transitional, there are fewer of them around.  Therefore, they’ve become a collector’s item, often fetching a premium.

So how do you tell the difference in movements? Well, the 5002 movement has 18K beats per hour.  That means that there are 5 beats per second (5 beats per second x 60 seconds per minute x 60 minutes per hour) – think of these as the small “ticks” that the second hand makes when it moves from one second to the next.  If you take a picture of the watch with your shutter open for  one second or more, you should be able to count the small ticks.  The 5002 movement will have 5 ticks per second.  The 5004 movement will have 6 ticks (21.6K beats per hour) per second.  It’s not an exact science, but it should help!  Check out this 5002 model with what looks like 6BPS (see, it’s not an exact science).  This beat count indicates that this particular 5002 is a transitional model!

IWC Big Pilot 5002 Transitional

Lastly, there is a slight difference in the large crowns.  IWC changed the fish crown to the Probus Scafusia crown when they changed from the 5002 movement to the 5004 movement.

IWC Big Pilot Fish Crown 5002

Check out our selection of IWC watches by clicking here.


CSI: Watches

Say it with me.  “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

As our loyal readers know, we recently blogged about the dangers of buying expensive watches on Craigslist (Click here for the original blog and click here for the follow-up blog).  A brand new IWC Big Pilot for under $5,000?  Not so fast.  SCAM.

Fine.  But what about other websites selling expensive luxury watches at hefty discounts?  Are those sites legitimate?  Short answer – some are, some aren’t.  If you’re going to make an expensive purchase on the Internet, do your research.  Even legitimate-looking websites could be pretty packaging covering up an ugly, elaborate scam.  Want a real world example?  Of course you do.

Over the weekend the eRelyx team was researching online competitors.  As part of that process we uncovered a business called Windsor Jewelry with the URL  They had amazing prices on watches – check out a screen shot of some of the amazing deals.

The prices seemed too good to be true, but I was comforted by the fact that the business had a brick and mortar location in Indianapolis.  Windsor Jewelry had been serving the Indianapolis market since 1919 (notice the logo in the upper left corner of the screen shot below).  How can a website with a store front be a scam?

Still a bit skeptical, I thought I’d call Windsor Jewelry to ask them a few questions.  Unfortunately, customer service only accepted calls from 9-5 on Monday-Friday.  I figured the brick and mortar location MUST be open on a Saturday, so I googled “Windsor Jewelry” to find their number.  Here’s the site I found (notice the logo in the upper left corner):

Great!  Windsor Jewelry does appear to be a legitimate business.  One problem.  The URL for this site is  But the logo is the exact same as  Maybe they just have different URLs for their web and brick and mortar business – not hard to believe.

Wanting to dig a bit more, I called the store.  The phone was answered by a very nice, polite young lady.  When I asked her if her store was affiliated with, she said, “No.  They stole our identity and we haven’t been able to stop them.  They try to get you to wire money to the UK.  I assure you that we’re a very nice jewelry store in Indianapolis.  If there’s anything you can do to help us stop them, we’d appreciate it.”  I could hear the frustration in her voice.

I told her that I’d blog about their situation and share it with our readers.  So, now you know.  Windsor Jewelry ( is a very legitimate jewelry store in Indianapolis.  Windsor Jewelry ( is a thief – and while I can’t claim that they steal customers’ money since I have not done (and will not do) business with them, I do know that they’ve stolen the identity of legitimate jewelry business.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in buying anything from an identity thief.

Say it again – “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Please share this story with your watch-enthusiast friends.

And as a quick update to the story, if you go to, the Windsor Jewelry logo is no longer at the top of the page!  I certainly can’t claim credit, but I’m happy for the legitimate business in Indianapolis!!


Watch of the Moment: IWC Big Pilot

There is a lot of buzz around the eRelyx HQ about the IWC Big Pilot.  First it shows up on Nate Archibald’s (Chace Crawford) wrist on Gossip Girl.  Now I’ve got a customer who is desperately trying to find a pre-owned model to add to his collection.  (The customer assures me that he’s not trying to become Chace Crawford…I say, why not?)

The IWC Big Pilot is definitely a statement watch.  Not only is it expensive at $13,500, but it’s huge as well.  It’s 47mm and has a large, easily identifiable crown.  There’s no way the watch can go unnoticed on your wrist – especially since it’s near impossible to fit underneath a shirt cuff.

Want to make a statement of your own?  Expect to pay ~$8,500 for a pre-owned model and just over $10K for a new model (bring your negotiating skills though!)

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(Photos by PR Photos)


Chace Crawford Rocks an IWC Big Pilot

I haven’t gotten a call from his manager yet, but I think Chace Crawford wants to be the eRelyx spokesperson.  Now all of you know that our first choice is Jennifer Aniston – we’ve blogged about her more than a few times.  (Click here)

If we can’t agree to terms with Jennifer, then we might need to turn our attention to Chace. He’s young…he’s talented…he’s good looking…and he loves watches.  A couple of weeks ago he was spotted wearing a Panerai at the Teen Choice Awards (click here).  And just the other night he was wearing an IWC Big Pilot on Gossip Girl.  (Click on the thumbnails for larger images)

There has been a lot of talk about young folks not wearing watches these days.  Well when those young folks see Chace’s IWC, they’re going to beg and plead with their parents to buy them a $10K watch.  Hiring Chace is just a good economic decision for eRelyx.

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