Know Your Retailer:

Our research uncovered another watch retailer that should make shoppers a bit uneasy. In the past we’ve blogged about and Click here to view that blog. Those sites have amazing (and unbelievable) prices on watches. Here’s the story – you try to purchase a watch with your credit card. They contact you and tell you that they are having trouble processing your credit card. They offer an alternative payment method – Western Union. They won’t accept PayPal – that’s too easy to track and there are buyer protection mechanisms in place. Long story short, if you wire the money, you’re out of luck. No money, no watch. We had a consumer email us just yesterday with the full email exchange between him and a “sales rep” from sales rep.

It looks like a new site has popped up – same look and feel as the others. This one is called Here are the two About Us pages. Look similar?  They guys are working fast and furiously to take advantage of holiday shoppers trying to stretch a hard-earned dollar.  Please comment if you have any details., scams, finewatches, finewatchesonsale review, anyone but from, scams, authenticwatchesonsale review, anyone but from

Looks like these guys just registered their website a couple of weeks ago.,

Happy holidays.  And be sure to get to know your retailer before making a purchase.  And once again – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Get to Know Your Watch Retailer

We’ve said it before – Buy the retailer first and the watch second. When you buy an expensive watch online, you want to make sure that you get what you pay for. You want to know that the watch is going to arrive as describe…or even arrive at all.

We’ve reported on a couple of suspicious sites in the past – read about watch scams here.

Well, another suspicious site has popped up.  While searching for a Bell & Ross BR03-92, we noticed one site with an amazing price.  What’s the old saying?  If it seems too good to be true…

finewatchesonsale, eRelyx, used watches

$500 less for a brand new Bell & Ross BR03-92?  That sounds pretty darn good.  So, I check out the site.

Finewatchesonsale, Bell & Ross, luxury watches

Where have we seen that before?  Oh, right.  Here: CSI WatchesAnd Here.  Remember these sites:

windsorjewelries scam

genuinewatchesonsale, scams

Look familiar?  Here’s what we know about previous sites that have looked like this – you try to order the watch online with your credit card, they tell you that they can’t process your credit card and ask you to send the money via Western Union. Hopefully people have positive experiences with, but buyer beware.

If anyone has experience, please share it here.