Emmanuelle Chriqui Reps Baume et Mercier

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How did we miss this?!?! Apparently Emmanuelle Chriqui has been repping Baume et Mercier since mid-2011. I apologize to all of our loyal readers for missing the news. Check her out wearing her Baume et Mercier watch:

Emmanuelle Chriqui Baume et Mercier

Last we heard from Emmanuelle (we’re on a first name basis) she was returning E’s Rolex on Entourage. Bet Baume et Mercier liked to see that! She looked disgusted!
Rolex Daytona on Entourage Emmanuelle Chriqui


On Trend: The Oversized Watch

We love the look of a man’s watch on a woman, and if there’s anything we’ve learned in our months of celeb-stalking, it’s that Hollywood agrees. It’s been a hot look for a while now, and, as the following feature (see below) from the September Issue (only the most important issue in the fashion magazine universe) of InStyle illustrates, the oversized watch trend is far from being just a fad.

Check out some of eRelyx’s favorite leading ladies working it in some large watches-

The favorite oversized watches of the celebs above? Anything by Rolex- including the Rolex Datejust, President, Daytona & Submariner and, from Cartier, the largest size of the popular Ballon Bleu model.