The Watch: Not Just For Your Wrists Anymore

Fashionistas have caught on- the watch is just too hot an accessory to be limited to just the wrist. Finally, thanks to brands like Piaget and Movado (and pop-icons like Flava Flav), we can tell time with just about any accessory- rings, necklaces, brooches, anklets, toe rings, cuff links… okay, okay… we’re getting carried away… but our point is- now there’s really no excuse to use your phone.


Check out our coverage of all the “watch-sanity” in the gallery below:

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Watch of the Moment: Chanel J12

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means…no, not time to hit the gym and work on our bikini bods (although that probably couldn’t hurt)…its time for a hot new watch that we can show off in all our cute sundresses and tank tops. So we present to you our latest “watch of the moment”- the Chanel J12.

The introduction of the ceramic J12 in 2003 put Chanel on the map in the watch-design industry. The white and black ceramic design spawned a multitude of imitators and put ceramic at the forefront of the luxury watch market. The J12 is a favorite among the rich and the famous and everyone from Cindy McCain, to Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Montag, and Emma Watson have been spotted wearing this, now iconic, timepiece.

The latest addition to the J12 line, Chanel’s Chromatic collection, debuts in the United States June 1. Called “the next big thing in time,” by Elle magazine, the J12 Chomatic is made from a unique combination of ceramic and titanium metals, which gives it a scratch- and break-resistant surface (which can only be crushed by diamond). The innovative metal composition and highly-polished surface together produce the watch’s color- a light-reflective hue that is an every-variant shade of gray. It also comes with a waiting list thats already about a mile long.

So, when the time comes for “sun’s out, guns out,” we wont be checking out the size of your bicep, or your toned up triceps- but we will be judging the watch you’re wearing. Keep those wrists in tip-top shape with something sleek, chic and ceramic like the J12, and relish in all the extra attention you’ll get.  (Oh, and go ahead, tell them its the yoga classes. Your secret is safe with us)

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celebrity photos courtesy of PRphotos