Sneak Peek at eRelyx’s Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

This Saturday, the eRelyx team met up at the Ah-MAh-Zing Dante Restaurant in Cambridge, MA for a Valentine’s Day photo shoot with our gorgeous model, Jennifer Welsh (be sure to check-out Jen’s awesome blog: Here’s just a taste of some of the awesome shots we took, and be sure to stay turned for our full “Behind-the-Scenes” blog later-on today!


Tag This!

Give us your best photo caption ideas & you could be a part of the next eRelyx ad campaign!

Each day this week we’ll be posting a new picture on our Facebook page from last weekend’s Boston photoshoot at Tico Restaurant & asking our fans to submit their best taglines!

Fan us on Facebook to participate. New photos will go up at 3pm ET.


eRelyx Pre-owned Tag Heuer Monaco Watch

“Make Them Jealous;” “eRelyx. So Hot Right Now;” “Blue Eyes- Got the Time?” “Time is of the Essence;” “Make Time”


Our Favorites: “Real. Head-turner;” “Does your watch come here often?” ”By my watch its 5 o’clock somewhere;” “When I look in your eyes, I lose 10 seconds;” “Watch you up to?” “Haven’t I seen you here a time or two?”


Our Favorites: “Perfect Time;” ”Time to Make a Move;” “Real. Good Impression;” “eRelyx. Creating ‘Moments’ Not Just Time”


“Meet your match!”



eRelyx’s Best Caption: …You’re It!

Your Best Captions: “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere;” ”Great Company is Timeless;” “eRelyx. Always in Good Taste;” “…As Time Goes By;” “Purchase a pre-owned timepiece from eRelyx… and still have enough money for a date!”