A Rolex for Every Mom.

Mother’s Day is almost here! Still in need of a gift? Not to worry! We’ve curated a selection of four amazing pre-owned Rolex watches that are sure to appeal to any mom’s style:

A Rolex for Every Mom

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eRelyx’s Most Watch-ed Celebs of 2012

5. Real Housewives

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The Bravo reality series, which now includes affluent women from 7 different US cities, provided us with some of the greatest watch-spotting opportunities of 2012. In the era of Reality Television, just about anyone can reach “celebrity” status (Honey Boo Boo anyone?) but these ladies are the only ones still able to entice us to “watch” on.

4. Justin Beiber

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Bieber might’ve been snubbed for a 2013 Grammy nomination but that doesn’t mean he didn’t earn high marks with the eRelyx team.  We think 2012 saw a lot of growth from the Biebs, including his graduation from a Casio G-Shock to a real man’s watch- this gold Rolex Daytona.

3. Diane Kruger

Diane-Kruger-Joshua-Jackson-Jaeger-LeCoultre-Watches-eRelyx-Celebrity-WatchesDiane Kruger, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, Ladies' Reverso, JLC Watch, Diane Kruger's Watch, Inglorious Bastards, Celebrity Watches, eRelyxDiane Kruger, Diane Kruger's Watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jaeger-LeCoultre Vintage, Vintage Watch, Art Deco Watch, Celebrity Watches, Met Ball 2012, eRelyx

Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrity ambassador Diane Kruger is one of the most diligent representatives of a luxury watch brand out there. We rarely see her walking a red carpet without a JLC timepiece on her wrist, and she’s even got her long-term boyfriend Joshua Jackson wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre as well, making Kruger one of our favorite celebs to watch in 2012.

2. Elle MacPherson

Elle Macpherson, Rolex, Rolex Daytona, Christie Brinkley, women wearing oversized watches, women wearing men's watches, models wearing watches, celebrity watchesElle MacPherson, Elle MacPherson's Watch, Celebrity Watches, Celebrity Rolex, Rolex, Rolex Daytona, Celebrity Daytonas, Supermodel Watches, Sun Military Awards, Elle MacPherson Fashion, Gold Rolex, Gold Watches

2012 was a good year for the Supermodel mom who landed a gig hosting NBC’s successful new series, Fashion Star, and was all over our red-carpet radar wearing a gold Rolex Daytona. We were certainly happy to get to see more of the stunning, ageless Elle and her equally timeless, great-looking watch (one of our favorites) out on the town together.

1. Jay-Z

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From start to finish, 2012 was pretty much Jay-Z’s year. January saw the birth of Blue Ivy Carter- the hip-hop mogul’s first child with wife, Beyonce, (and one of the most buzzed-about celebrity babies, maybe ever) and in December the self-proclaimed king of hip-hop received this diamond-crusted Hublot as a 43rd birthday gift from his queen. While Jay and B both say they’ll be retiring from the biz (we’ve heard that one before) in 2013- we sure hope they don’t stay away too long.



Sean Diddy Combs Rocks a Rolex Daytona

After reading our blogs about Elle Macpherson, Jillian Michaels, Christie Brinkley, and Hayden Panettiere wearing Rolex Daytona watches, you might think that the watch was made for women.  Not true – those women are just on trend, rocking oversized watches.

Plenty of men are still wearing the Rolex Daytona – including Sean Diddy Combs.  Check him out in Atlantic City over the weekend.

Click on thumbnails for larger images.

Elle Macpherson, Rolex Daytona, Rolex, celebrity watches

Jillian Michaels, Rolex Daytona, Rolex, Celebrity watches

Christie Brinkley Rolex Daytona, celebrity watches, Rolex

Hayden Pannettiere Rolex Daytona, Rolex, celebrity watches

Photos by PR Photos.


Elle Macpherson Wears a Rolex Watch

Elle Macpherson has timeless, classic good looks.  So it should come as no surprise that she loves sporting a gold Rolex Daytona.

Elle Macpherson and the Rolex Daytona are elegant, sporty, classic, and widely admired.  Elle Macpherson is “the body” and the Rolex Daytona is “the watch.”  They are a match made in heaven…or Australia and Switzerland.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Apparently, when it comes to classic beauty, the old playground saying holds true – it takes one to know one.

Christie Brinkley agrees.

Christie Brinkley, Rolex

Photos by PR Photos.


On Trend: The Oversized Watch

We love the look of a man’s watch on a woman, and if there’s anything we’ve learned in our months of celeb-stalking, it’s that Hollywood agrees. It’s been a hot look for a while now, and, as the following feature (see below) from the September Issue (only the most important issue in the fashion magazine universe) of InStyle illustrates, the oversized watch trend is far from being just a fad.

Check out some of eRelyx’s favorite leading ladies working it in some large watches-

The favorite oversized watches of the celebs above? Anything by Rolex- including the Rolex Datejust, President, Daytona & Submariner and, from Cartier, the largest size of the popular Ballon Bleu model.


Who Wore it Best? The Rolex Daytona Ladies’ Edition

We’ve seen a lot of women wearing Rolex Daytona watches lately. Who do you think wore it best? Click on the thumbnails below for larger images.

photos courtesy of PR Photos