Randy Couture Branches Out with Curtis & Co.

(First things first: EA = Electronic Arts; MMA = Mixed Martial Arts; UFC = Ultimate Fighting Championship)

EA Sports introduced its latest sports video game, EA Sports MMA, at a launch party earlier this week in Las Vegas.  There’s an interesting story behind this game – I’m not going to claim to know all of the details, but it goes something like this:

A few years ago UFC, the largest and best known MMA promotion, approached EA Sports, the largest and best known sports video game developer, about collaborating to create the first mainstream MMA video game.  At that point in time, EA Sports apparently told UFC that MMA didn’t meet their guidelines (I’m being vague here – I think that EA told UFC that MMA was too violent, not a sport, or not mainstream).  Well, THQ (another video game developer) jumped at the chance and created a UFC video game – which did very well with consumers. So, THQ and the president of UFC, Dana White, got the last laugh.

Anyways… All of our faithful blog readers know that MMA superstars (including UFC fighters) love big, expensive watches – we’ve blogged about it many times.  So it was no surprise to see the MMA fighters wearing luxury watches at the EA Sports MMA launch party the other night.  Check out MMA/UFC legend Randy “The Natural” Couture wearing what looks like a huge Curtis & Co watch (similar in style to Jacob & Co.).

Another MMA star, Robbi Lawler, was seen wearing a very similar watch.  Looks like the watch manufacturers understand the marketing power of MMA.

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(Photos by PR Photos)