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If you follow our blog you know that we’re huge fans of IWC.  Both the Portuguese Chronograph and Big Pilot have recently been featured as our “Watch of the Moment.”  IWC watches are well made and look stunning.   In addition, IWC is one of the most respected brands among watch enthusiasts and industry professionals.  Over time, we believe that the brand will receive the same level of recognition among the general public as Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Cartier.  Great advertising will certainly help.

IWC and its ad agency have churned out some winners in the past.  One of our favorites is their public transportation campaign seen below.

IWC would love for everyone to try on their watches.  Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen.  This advertising campaign is the next best thing, isn’t it?  The creativity is through the roof!!  Brilliant (although probably not cheap!).

Another IWC advertisement that we love is one that calls out men.  “IWC – Official supplier to men.”  You know what? I’m a man.  I should probably have an IWC watch.  After all, they are my official supplier.  Plain & simple.  I like it.

In general, IWC, unlike many other watch brands, “gets” advertising.  But it’s not without its head-scratchers.  I saw the ad below while walking in downtown Boston.

Engineered for navigators?  I’m not sure what that means.  Does that mean it’s high quality?  Does it have a compass?  Maybe a sextant (yep, just dropped “sextant” into a blog)?  Maybe it has GPS – it is 2011, right?  Will it help me navigate the Boston subway system?

If the watch is for navigators, does that mean that it’s not for me?  I basically navigate my way from my condo – to the office – to the gym – to the grocery store – and back home.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  I don’t need a special tool for that.

Look.  I understand that advertising can’t, and shouldn’t target everyone.  But, will the navigators please raise their hands?  Anyone?  Is this thing on?

I will have an IWC Portuguese Chronograph someday soon.  But it’s not because I’m a navigator.  Or because I want a watch that was engineered to satisfy Lewis and Clark.  I will buy an IWC because it looks amazing.  Because it keeps accurate time.  Because it makes me feel great.  Because it makes others ooh and ahh.  Shouldn’t IWC focus their ads on that?

I LOVE IWC (Dear IWC – don’t be mad at me.  You guys are fantastic).  I will recommend the brand to anyone who will listen.  But this ad left me scratching my head.

What do you think?


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