Entourage Season Seven

The new season of Entourage is upon us.  If the past six seasons are any indication, we can expect a heavy dose of cars, gadgets, girls, and watches (I hope).

In previous seasons we’ve seen the boys rolling in Maseratis and Aston Martins.  This season expect to see the Porsche Panamera join the party.  It’s not a surprising choice given that the gang likes their cars fast, sexy, and expensive.

In terms of gadgets, expect to see plenty of iPads and Blackberries.  With Research in Motion facing an onslaught of competition from cooler, hipper brands like HTC and Apple, the company will attempt to stay relevant by placing their Blackberry smartphones in the hands of Ari, Eric, and the other boys.  It’ll be interesting to see if the new iPhone 4 makes an appearance (and if so, how it’s being held).

While we can expect ample airtime for Emmanualle Chriqui, there will be other women trying to share the spotlight.  Four of those women are Autumn Reeser, Sasha Grey, Dania Ramirez, and Jessica Simpson (Five bucks there’s a chicken of the sea or buffalo wing joke worked in there).  While those women are beautiful, I think it’s safe to say that Emmanuelle Chriqui will remain the queen of Entourage.  Agreed?

Autumn Reeser

Sasha Grey

Dania Ramirez

Jessica Simpson

And finally, we should see a few luxury watches make their way on to the show.  Ari is good for an Audemars Piguet or two.  But what will the other boys be wearing on their wrists?  Here are my guesses:  Vinny strikes me as a Panerai guy – bold, aggressive, and trendy.  Turtle would definitely be interested in a large, hip, unique watch – perhaps a square Bell & Ross BR01-92 or a Romain Jerome Titantic DNA.  Eric is a bit more classic and conservative, so he’d probably sport an IWC Portuguese.  Drama is a wildcard given his interesting sense of style.  Always wanting to impress those around him, he’d probably stick with the king of watch brands – Rolex (likely a Daytona or Submariner).  We’ll see what happens as the season unfolds.

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(Photos by PR Photos, Apple, and Porsche)


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