A Lesson in Luxury Watch Linguistics

Foreign languages are not my thing. I majored in English for a reason. I, like many Americans, am not good at mimicking the elegant fluidity the romance languages possess. But like any good actress (or, as in my case, general poseur) will tell you, its all about practice, practice, practice.

Luckily, for all of you out there who also count yourselves among the phonetically challenged, we have found a solution! Check out this neat little break-down of the most troublesome high-end jewelry/watch designer names, written up by the folks over at TheVivant.com. Commit these to memory and you’ll be speaking “fancy luxury brand expert” in no time!

Audemars Piguet: OH-duh-MAHR PEA-GAY
We’re in awe of the beautiful detailing and intricacy of the watches from this Swiss brand that boasts celebrity fans like Justin Timberlake and Usher.

Bulgari: BULL-ga-ree
There is nothing vulgar about the accessories from this Italian jewelry brand that was founded in 1884.

Hublot: OO-blow
This Swiss watch brand is behind the most expensive watch in the world, worth $5 million.

Jaeger LeCoultre: Yay-GER leh-KOOLT
Jagermeister is German, but this watch manufacturer is Swiss. Nonetheless, we’re practically a “Koolt” as we worship this luxury brand’s classic and elegant designs.

Patek Philippe: pah-TEK fil-EEP
Pronounce the second word the same way you would say the well known Chinese restaurant chain by the same name. Luckily there is nothing greasy about this designer’s watches.

Piaget: pee-ah-ZHAY
If you say Piaget too quickly it sounds like PJs. Seems proper considering the jewelry and watches from this designer are so fabulous they would dress up just about anything.

Tag Heuer: TAHG HOI-ur
We wonder how long it took the face of this brand’s campaign, Leonardo DiCaprio, to pronounce this name properly?

Ulysse Nardin: you-LEESE nahr-DAN
Here’s a shout out to all Greek mythology gurus or Brad Pitt fans—Ulysse was the Greek king that took over Troy. They were known for their many ships, which seems fitting as this watch brand stamps an anchor on all their watches.

Van Cleef & Arpels: Van Cleef and ahr-PELL
Cleef rhymes with leaf and this jewelry designer takes a lot of its inspiration from nature.

Vacheron Constantin: VASH-er-ahn kon-stan-TAN
Just as Constantine was a great Roman emperor, this brand is a longtime (since 1755) king of exceptional Swiss watches.


-c/o TheVivant.com


Online Consignment – Shop with Confidence

Very interesting article on online consignment: Click here for the full NYT article on online consignment.

Here’s the summary: Buying and selling pre-owned/used products online is great.  It gives buyers access to products that they might not be able to find at their local consignment shops.  For sellers, it expands the potential pool of buyers allowing for a quicker sale and/or higher prices.

However, on the buyer side, how do you know that you’re getting what you paid for?  Maybe the seller is overstating their item’s condition (as was the case with the Christian Louboutins discussed in the article).  Seems like that would be in the seller’s best interest, no?  Or worse, what if the item you’re buying is not authentic?

Enter the trusted third party – eRelyx, ThredUp, Hello La Mode, The RealReal, etc.

Click here for the full NYT article on online consignment.

Online consignment, The RealReal, Hello La Mode, ThredUp, eRelyx, eBay


Dear Google- Where Did eRelyx Go?

We recently discovered while googling “eRelyx Boston” or “eRelyx Reviews” that our company place page, complete with all the positive customer feedback we’ve obtained over our the last 2+ years we’ve been in business,  no longer exists!

While we wait for Google to (hopefully) workout whatever bug caused “eRelyx Inc.” to disappear from their local pages- we’re doing the best we can with what is a very unfortunate situation, by directing you here, to this blog post, instead.

So in the meantime, we at least have some screenshots to show that we did, once in fact, have a proper Google Local page and plenty of positive feedback on that page supporting the fact that we are real people, who have, and continue to work hard to provide you with the best in customer service and satisfaction.

We also encourage you to take a look at our website’s testimonials page where we have real feedback from real customers on their experience with eRelyx.


Seller Beware eBay

The long labor day weekend last weekend meant I finally had the chance to soak up some much needed sunshine poolside and engage in some leisure reading. Whilst catching up on the last two weeks of posts from the blog-o-sphere, an article from Blushing Noir- one of my favorite beauty blogs I follow- titled,  ”My Recent Experience with eBay- A Cautionary Tale,” caught my attention. The post recounts this blogger’s experience with injustice as a seller on eBay, and was at once shocking, disappointing and also, I felt, an important experience to share- [to read the full story, click here].

So often we recount the horror stories of buyers being scammed on eBay, but the reality is, sellers are just as much at risk, if not more so, for being scammed. Once considered to be a reliable space online to buy and sell legitimate designer goods- eBay has expanded into a space where both buyers and sellers are wary of purchasing and posting their high-end wares for sale.

This may explain why we see so many of these smaller, niche, marketplaces for luxury wares now cropping up online. Sites like Klury.com, TheRealReal.com and, (you guessed it)- eRelyx.com offer consignment services for everything from a pair of Chanel Sunglasses, to a Rolex Watch. But more importantly, these start-ups seek to restore consumer faith in the online marketplace. By standing in the middle of each transaction, they are able to give not only buyers, but also sellers, the security and comfort of knowing each item for sale is authentic, and each sale is genuine.



eRelyx Friday Favorites

1. Boo the dog. This furry little pup has over 4.6 million facebook fans, his own book of adorably-funny quips and a collection of Gund stuffed animal dogs in his likeness. Plus, just look at him! Need we explain more?


2. Summer Sports- From Wimbledon to The Olympics, nothing beats the heat like watching the world’s top athletes sweat it out for victory (from the comfort of our air conditioned couch;))

3. Ball & Buck- Another Boston-based start-up, Ball & Buck is quality, handcrafted Menswear that shows a commitment to selling only goods made in the good ol’ US of A. The clothes reflect a uniquely rugged yet polished sensibility that’s somewhere between Northeast prep-school-conservative and the Wild Wild West’s John Wayne.  Shop online or visit the brand’s newly re-opened boutique on Boston’s chic Newbury st.

4. Everything Nautical- With the Fourth of July just around the corner, we’re feeling this vibe that’s one part American spirit, and another part preppy-New Englander. We think our St. James striped marine sweater would look especially festive paired with a limited edition Pepsi bezel Rolex GMT Master-II.

5. Watermelon- This sweet summer fruit is popping up in everything from smoothies ,to saladsto alcoholic beverages- send that watermelon basil mojito our way!  (It’s Friday!)


ABC’s “Revenge” Features Breitling Watches

To say ABC’s Revenge is addicting is, well, a drastic understatement. After several painful weeks of holiday respite, with no Revenge to get me through my hump day, all new episodes finally returned last night… and boy, was it well worth the wait.

Revenge Breitling Watch Daniel Grayson eRelyx Used Watches Celebrity Watches

While the majority of the episode had me on the edge of my seat, I did get in a good laugh during the following exchange between Daniel Grayson, and his villainous, billionaire parents (Victoria & Conrad Grayson)-

Scene: Daniel Grayson’s Birthday Dinner on the beach. Daniel opens his present from his father- a Breitling watch

Daniel:  “Wow.  Breitling.  Thanks, Dad.  Uh…  (holding up huge Breitling watch)  Makes quite a statement.”

Conrad:  “Watch says a lot about a man.  Who he is.  Where he’s going.”

Victoria:  “What deficiencies he’s trying to compensate for…”

…While we enjoyed Victoria’s little jab at her (soon-to-be-ex-)husband, we’re going to have to take Conrad’s side on this one…

Abc's Revenge Episode Duress January 4 2012 - Emily Thorne - Emily Vancamp - Daniel Grayson - Breitling Watch - eRelyx - Celebrity Watches - Used Watches

So, if you’re not watching Revenge on Wednesday nights- well, you should be. If not for the plot, then definitely do it for the watches;)

And dont forget to check out the amazing selection of Breitling Watches for sale now on eRelyx.com!

revenge, abc, daniel grayson, emily thorne, luxury watches, used watches, eRelyx

revenge, abc, emily thorne, emily vancamp, luxury watches, used watches, eRelyx

To learn more about Revenge & to watch previous episodes, visit ABC.com


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“Put Your Best Face Forward” Photo Contest Entries

Check out who’s been putting their Best Face Forward!

We’ll continue to add to the blog photo-gallery (above), as the photos come in! E-mail your pics to us at eRelyx@gmail.com or upload directly to the eRelyx Facebook page!

Click here to see full contest details, rules & prizes! Contest ends 8/31


Behind the Scenes of an eRelyx Photoshoot

Saturday August 6 eRelyx had its 5th big photoshoot at Tico Restaurant in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston MA. The latest restaurant venture from chef Michael Schlow, Tico’s incredible space and luxe, latin vibe provided the ideal backdrop to our shoot. We cant say thank you enough to the amazing staff there who were above and beyond wonderful to us. We have to encourage any one in the Boston area to try this one out- Amazing food & sangria to die for (seriously, the best we’ve had in Boston. ever. period.)

Our phenomonal eRelyx model, Krista, returned for the shoot accompanied by (another!) Max- to create pre-owned watch magic! The real stars of the shoot, however (sorry Krista/Max), were  the watches which included some of our personal collection and several currently for sale on eRelyx.com- from Rolex, to Panerai, and IWC for Max and Cartier and Tag Heuer for Krista. It was a highly successful Saturday morning for the eRelyx team and we’re excited about the photos! Keep your eyes out for our future advertisements! In the meantime, enjoy a peek at some of our favorite pictures (& bloopers!) here-

Check out more videos like this on our YouTube Channel: WATCHeRelyx


Tag This!

Give us your best photo caption ideas & you could be a part of the next eRelyx ad campaign!

Each day this week we’ll be posting a new picture on our Facebook page from last weekend’s Boston photoshoot at Tico Restaurant & asking our fans to submit their best taglines!

Fan us on Facebook to participate. New photos will go up at 3pm ET.


eRelyx Pre-owned Tag Heuer Monaco Watch

“Make Them Jealous;” “eRelyx. So Hot Right Now;” “Blue Eyes- Got the Time?” “Time is of the Essence;” “Make Time”


Our Favorites: “Real. Head-turner;” “Does your watch come here often?” ”By my watch its 5 o’clock somewhere;” “When I look in your eyes, I lose 10 seconds;” “Watch you up to?” “Haven’t I seen you here a time or two?”


Our Favorites: “Perfect Time;” ”Time to Make a Move;” “Real. Good Impression;” “eRelyx. Creating ‘Moments’ Not Just Time”


“Meet your match!”



eRelyx’s Best Caption: …You’re It!

Your Best Captions: “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere;” ”Great Company is Timeless;” “eRelyx. Always in Good Taste;” “…As Time Goes By;” “Purchase a pre-owned timepiece from eRelyx… and still have enough money for a date!”