Financially Savvy People Buy Pre-Owned

Attention you financially savvy consumers out there! Did you know that, today, the US spends nearly $13 billion per year on used goods? What’s more is, can you imagine the billions of dollars on top of that that we, as a nation of consumers, are saving by purchasing pre-owned?

eRelyx Photo Shoot with model Jen Welsh at Alton Lane: Luxury Watches, Used Watches, Pre-Owned Watches, Boston Retail, Bespoke Clothier, Menswear, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Breitling, Watches

All those watches? You betcha she bought ‘em used!

So how exactly should you determine what’s worth buying at retail, and where is your penny better spent purchasing pre-owned?  Yahoo! Finance breaks it down for us in their  list of the “Top 5 Things to Never Buy New,” and, of course, (this is an blog, after all) luxury watches made the cut-

“Jewelry- Although it may be rich in sentimental value, fine jewelry can lose as much as 10% of its purchase price in the first year of ownership, partly due to hefty markups. Watches depreciate more slowly, at about 5% per year. So if you’re looking for new bauble to add to your jewelry collection, you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck at estate sales, pawnshops and online retailers.”

To see what else made the list, check out the full article on Yahoo! Finance today- or click here! Also, for more financial wisdom, be sure to read our other blog posts on shopping for used luxury watches:


Make a Statement with your Watch – 1:Face Watch from Mirza Minds

Why do you wear a watch?  To tell time?  To make a fashion statement?  To make people take notice?  Well what about doing all of those things while supporting a fantastic cause?  Now you can.

Mirza Minds, a Chicago-based company, recently introduced the 1:Face Watch.  A watch that “empowers YOU to create change in the world.”

1:Face Watch, Mirza Minds, indiegogo

Check out this link to support their cause: 1:Face Watch.

From the company:

The 1:Face Watch empowers YOU to create change in the World.

How: Each color watch represents a different cause and has a particular metric tied to it. When you buy a watch, this metric is carried out by our supporting charities.

For example, when you buy 1 white watch, our supporting charity One Day’s Wages provides food supplements to 16 children in the Horn of Africa.


Seller Beware eBay

The long labor day weekend last weekend meant I finally had the chance to soak up some much needed sunshine poolside and engage in some leisure reading. Whilst catching up on the last two weeks of posts from the blog-o-sphere, an article from Blushing Noir- one of my favorite beauty blogs I follow- titled,  ”My Recent Experience with eBay- A Cautionary Tale,” caught my attention. The post recounts this blogger’s experience with injustice as a seller on eBay, and was at once shocking, disappointing and also, I felt, an important experience to share- [to read the full story, click here].

So often we recount the horror stories of buyers being scammed on eBay, but the reality is, sellers are just as much at risk, if not more so, for being scammed. Once considered to be a reliable space online to buy and sell legitimate designer goods- eBay has expanded into a space where both buyers and sellers are wary of purchasing and posting their high-end wares for sale.

This may explain why we see so many of these smaller, niche, marketplaces for luxury wares now cropping up online. Sites like, and, (you guessed it)- offer consignment services for everything from a pair of Chanel Sunglasses, to a Rolex Watch. But more importantly, these start-ups seek to restore consumer faith in the online marketplace. By standing in the middle of each transaction, they are able to give not only buyers, but also sellers, the security and comfort of knowing each item for sale is authentic, and each sale is genuine.



Jennifer Stano David – Another Watch Lover

Yesterday we blogged about the educated, beautiful, entrepreneurial, watch-loving attorney Lilly Ghalichi.  Her story and photos were a big hit with our readers.

Soon after we posted the blog, a few readers pointed out that one of the beautiful women in the pictures with Lilly was also wearing a men’s Rolex.  The woman is another beautiful entrepreneur – Jennifer Stano David – and the watch is a Datejust II.  Jennifer is the founder/designer at Have Faith Swimwear.

Lilly Ghalichi, Jennifer Stano David, Rolex, Rolex Datejust, Rolex Datejust II, Rolex President, Swimgerie, Have Faith Swimwear

Looks like Jennifer is right behind Lilly in the race to be crowned 2012 eRelyx watch celebrity.  We hope that the women are competitive and rush out to buy more great watches in an effort to outdo each other.

Here’s what we know so far:

Lilly 2 (Rolex President, Chanel J12), Jennifer 1 (Rolex Datejust II).

Game on.  And let us know when you need a new watch.

(Photos by PR Photos)


eRelyx Used Watches Holiday Shoot – a Preview of the Sneak Peek

The eRelyx team and the Jennifer Welsh Group got together for a holiday photo shoot – better late than never!!  We have thousands of photos to go through, but we wanted to share a couple of highlights from this afternoon.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.  And stay tuned for more!!



Long Lost Video From Our First Photoshoot

Look what we just uncovered – raw, behind-the-scenes iPhone footage from our first ever photo shoot that resulted in this amazing (we think so) poster/ad:

luxury watches, used watches, pre-owned watches, eRelyx, Panerai

And here’s the video:


Know Your Retailer:

Our research uncovered another watch retailer that should make shoppers a bit uneasy. In the past we’ve blogged about and Click here to view that blog. Those sites have amazing (and unbelievable) prices on watches. Here’s the story – you try to purchase a watch with your credit card. They contact you and tell you that they are having trouble processing your credit card. They offer an alternative payment method – Western Union. They won’t accept PayPal – that’s too easy to track and there are buyer protection mechanisms in place. Long story short, if you wire the money, you’re out of luck. No money, no watch. We had a consumer email us just yesterday with the full email exchange between him and a “sales rep” from sales rep.

It looks like a new site has popped up – same look and feel as the others. This one is called Here are the two About Us pages. Look similar?  They guys are working fast and furiously to take advantage of holiday shoppers trying to stretch a hard-earned dollar.  Please comment if you have any details., scams, finewatches, finewatchesonsale review, anyone but from, scams, authenticwatchesonsale review, anyone but from

Looks like these guys just registered their website a couple of weeks ago.,

Happy holidays.  And be sure to get to know your retailer before making a purchase.  And once again – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


A Watch in the Park

A few weeks ago eRelyx had a photoshoot featuring spokesmodel Jennifer Welsh.  The pictures turned out great.  Click here to see some of the photos.

The president of Boston-based clothing company Dressed by Christopher Cuozzo saw the pictures and knew that Jennifer would be a great ambassador for his brand.  Jennifer donned the Dressed clothing this weekend for a photoshoot in the Boston Public Garden.  Members of the eRelyx team were on hand to snap a few photos…and to make sure that Jennifer was wearing her Cartier Tank Francaise watch.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.


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