eRelyx Friday Favorites

1. Boo the dog. This furry little pup has over 4.6 million facebook fans, his own book of adorably-funny quips and a collection of Gund stuffed animal dogs in his likeness. Plus, just look at him! Need we explain more?


2. Summer Sports- From Wimbledon to The Olympics, nothing beats the heat like watching the world’s top athletes sweat it out for victory (from the comfort of our air conditioned couch;))

3. Ball & Buck- Another Boston-based start-up, Ball & Buck is quality, handcrafted Menswear that shows a commitment to selling only goods made in the good ol’ US of A. The clothes reflect a uniquely rugged yet polished sensibility that’s somewhere between Northeast prep-school-conservative and the Wild Wild West’s John Wayne.  Shop online or visit the brand’s newly re-opened boutique on Boston’s chic Newbury st.

4. Everything Nautical- With the Fourth of July just around the corner, we’re feeling this vibe that’s one part American spirit, and another part preppy-New Englander. We think our St. James striped marine sweater would look especially festive paired with a limited edition Pepsi bezel Rolex GMT Master-II.

5. Watermelon- This sweet summer fruit is popping up in everything from smoothies ,to saladsto alcoholic beverages- send that watermelon basil mojito our way!  (It’s Friday!)


Omega & The Olympics: A History of Excellence

I don’t know a single person who isn’t excited over the Summer Olympics this year in London- even me, the girl who can’t sit through a full baseball game, (as in, ever), can’t wait for them to begin. Maybe its the infrequency with which the Summer Olympics happen, or maybe its because my roommate is a former swimmer who knows a majority of the team going to London this year- but whatever the reason- I was excited enough to stay up well past my bedtime last night to watch the US Olympic swimming trials. That’s right. TRIALS. For someone who fell asleep at half-time during the superbowl, watching any preliminary event is kind of a big deal. But then again, aren’t the Olympics just that?

Michael Phelps Omega Watches US Swimming Olympics 2012 in London

Above: US Olympic Swimmer, Michael Phelps, has been an Omega Brand Ambassador since 2004

But, of course, I was inevitably distracted from the athletic prowess of the event happening before me, by my own curiosity regarding the Omega watch brand logo making continual appearances on my television screen. Why Omega? To be the official time keeper of the Olympic games is, well, an Olympic feat in and of itself. What makes the Omega brand more qualified than per say, Rolex? I understand the association between Omega watches and water sports, as their diving watches (planet ocean, seamaster, etc.) are their most recognizes, but what about Rolex’s SeaDweller? Or that whole “a crown for every achievement” slogan? That adheres pretty well to an Olympic-mentality, I’d say.

Above: Omega’s three limited edition watches created in honor of the London Olympics 2012

Omega has been the official timekeeper of the Olympics since 1932. Their contract expired in 2001, but was renewed this year and will not expire again until 2020. Its just one of those things that has become a legacy of both the brand and the games and a tradition that continues to be upheld. To be an Olympian is to be the best, there really is no greater honor for an athlete, and for Omega to be positioned alongside these (what i would call) super-humans, truly distinguishes them as an elite and remarkable brand.


What Watch is Terry Crews Wearing?

We spotted actor (and watch-buff) Terry Crews at the premiere of HBO’s new series “The Newsroom” wearing a hot a watch we didn’t recognize. We’ve spotted the action star in an array of luxury timepieces (see photos below), most notably his black Bell & Ross, but this latest stainless & diamond piece seems to be a recent addition to the collection.

Terry Crews, celebrity watches Terry Crews, celebrity watches

Can any of you ID Terry Crews’ watch here?

Terry Crews - HBO Newsroom - Celebrity Watch ID - eRelyx Celebrity Watches


Inspired By: First Day of Summer

Today is the first day of summer. Despite the lack of winter we had here in Boston (uhh, 80 degrees in March?), summer is certainly making her presence known with some sticky 97 degree heat. In honor of this seasonal “first”, we’re debuting our own “first” posting in a new series of “inspired” blog posts.

“Inspired By” is an outlet for carefully curated looks & product collections inspired by the world around us- be it a season or color, a book or a blogger, the hottest trend in fashion or the latest watch(shocker) we’re coveting. So, today we’re kicking it off with a sunny fashion look inspired by… (what else?!) Sweet summertime!

Inspired By Summer


Rolex Datejust II: Fluted or Smooth?

Rolex, Datejust II, Fluted, Smooth, bezel

Rolex recently introduced the Rolex Datejust II with a smooth bezel.  Models with a fluted bezel are currently available.

So, which bezel do you prefer?  The fluted bezel or the smooth bezel?  VOTE BELOW!


Celebrity Watches: Catherine Zeta Jones in Cartier

It’s no surprise that Catherine Zeta Jones has great taste in watches.  Check her out sporting her gold Cartier Santos Demoiselle during a recent visit to the Jon Stewart Show.

Celebrity watches, Catherine Zeta Jones, Cartier, Cartier Demoiselle, Jon Stewart Show

Celebrity watches, Catherine Zeta Jones, Cartier, Cartier Demoiselle, Jon Stewart Show

Photos by PR Photos.


Nadal Wins French Open, Loses Richard Mille Watch

Rafael Nadal might’ve won the French Open (…again… who’s really keeping score at this rate?) but he did, somehow, manage to lose a 370,000 Richard Mille watch loaned to him for the event. This is the third, limited edition, six-figure price tag, Richard Mille watch the tennis star has worn during a tournament (like this piece he wore at the 2010 French Open & US Open).


So what happened? Monday we saw him accept his trophy- watch on wrist. Tuesday morning, Nadal wakes up in his Paris hotel to find the watch missing. As of yesterday, officials were saying there were no signs of intrusion into the athlete’s suite. However, as of this morning the mystery appears to have been solved. Police arrested a hotel worker and charged him with using his key-card to sneak into Nadal’s room & snatch the watch from his bedside- while the champion slept in peace a mere 2 feet away. Seems Nadal is not only an excellent athlete, but one heck of a sleeper as well! (Source: Reuters)

Rafael Nadal Richard Mille Watch 2010 US Open Rafael Nadal Richard Mille Watch 2010 Letterman eRelyx Celebrity Watches


Is it safe to buy a watch on eBay?

Is it safe to buy a watch on eBay?

We hear that question all of the time.  And many others have probably asked themselves the same questions.

Well, we have the definitive answer: sometimes.

eBay is an amazing business.  There are some amazing sellers.  Problem is, there are some dishonest ones as well.  The other problem is that the dishonest ones probably gravitate towards selling expensive items like watches.  Makes sense.  Why spend months swindling people out of $10 at a time when you can go for thousands of dollars at once?  The more people you swindle, the more likely you are to get caught.

As all of you know, we LOVE the Cartier Ballon Bleu watch.  We have a beautiful large model in stock right now: Cartier Ballon Bleu.

We like to browse around the Internet to get a pulse on pricing and to see if there are any amazing deals on watches.  When we were searching for Cartier Ballon Bleu watches, we came across this listing on eBay.

Cartier Ballon Bleu

Cartier Ballon Bleu

Looks like a gorgeous watch!!!

But wait a second.  Those pictures look like pictures taken by the eRelyx staff.  And that’s not us selling the watch on eBay.  Looks like the seller “borrowed” our photos without asking.

Here are our photos:

Cartier Ballon Bleu on eRelyx

Cartier Ballon Bleu

I sent a message to the buyer and I asked him if the watch in the pictures is the exact watch for sale.  His answer, a simple: “Yes.”

Unfortunately, there is a 99.98% chance that he’s not telling the truth.  There is a .01% chance that he’s going to buy the watch from us and then send it to the buyer after it sells on eBay.  And there is a .01% chance that he took those pictures and put the watch and box in the exact same position we did, set the time on the watch to the exact same time that we did, and the outer white box has the same exact hand-written text on the sticker as ours.  I guess it’s possible.


Paul Picot Watches for the Summer

Summer is upon us.  Time for a fun new summer watch, right?

What about something big, bold, and bright with a rubber strap?  Paul Picot has some GREAT options at AMAZING prices.  The watches below are available on eRelyx for OVER 60% OFF!!!  And they’re all brand new with box and papers.  CLICK ON THE IMAGES FOR MORE DETAILS.

Paul Picot, new watches, C-TypePaul Picot, new watches, C-TypePaul Picot, new watches, C-TypePaul Picot, new watches, C-Type


The Celebrity Watch Round-Up: Mizumi Restaurant Launch Party

Mizumi- a new upscale Japanese Restaurant in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, NV held its official launch party last night- a celebration that attracted celebs like Paris Hilton, DWTS’ Cheryl Burke, Ashley Tisdale, Dutch DJ/Producer Afrojack and up-&-coming recording artist/model/UPenn student Nick Hissom.

The star-studded event made for excellent watch-spotting (our favorite activity)- and we were impressed by what we saw. Burke, Tisdale, and Hissom all turned it out in Rolex, and Afrojack rocked a Hublot Big Bang in rose gold & black rubber (just like the timepiece favored by rapper 50 cent). Meanwhile, Ms. Hilton appeared to have missed the memo- showing up sans her Rolex Daytona.

Check out pics from the event in the gallery below:

(photos c/o PRphotos)