Poll: Super-JLC

As a follow-up to yesterdays blog about Superheroes who wear Jaeger LeCoultre we’re asking you which watch you’d rather wear? Batman’s sleek, custom Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Grande or Iron Man’s ultra-complicated, ultra-tough, black ceramic AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT? Cast your votes by 3pm Friday May 27 to decide the victor in this ultimate superhero show-down.


Superwatch: Jaeger LeCoultre

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… No! It’s Super… Watch…?!?

If you were a superhero what watch would you require? You’d want a high-end luxury timepiece in a classic and subtle style. You want your watch to say “I’m important” (you are a superhero after all) but isn’t so ostentatious so as to maintain your cover as an ordinary civilian by day. However, you’d also need something rugged and durable- something that will last through night after night of crime fighting and saving your city from the bad guys. You’d want something sophisticated but just slightly more bad-ass than the your everyday multi-billion-dollar-business-owner.

So, is there even a watch in existence capable of satisfying such particular requirements? A brand that is at once rugged and yet, refined?

As Hollywood sees it, there is, indeed such a watch, and its name is Jaeger LeCoultre.

Journalist and watch-aficionado Darren Ho, (whose article “Alter Ego” appears in the latest edition of Revolution- a quarter-annual luxury watch & lifestyle publication), comments on the choice of Jaeger LeCoultre in films like Iron Man 2 and the Batman trilogy. According to Ho, “[like the on-screen characters who wear them], Jaeger LeCoultre’s timepieces are split between strong rugged masculinity and a more genteel persona.”

In 1995’s “Batman Forever,” Val Kilmer’s Bruce Wayne donned a JLC Reverso Grande Taille, complete with a custom engraving of the bat signal. With only 35 ever made, the original nouveau Batman’s watch is extremely desirable by collectors. In 2005, Christian Bale took over Kilmer’s role and showed the world the inner turmoil and angst that comes with being the Batman. Bale, too, donned a LeCoultre Reverso Grande Date watch for the role. The Reverso, according to Ho, is “indisputably a watch for the debonair,” a characterization that seems to fit Bruce Wayne to a T. But even beyond the obvious design elements, it is the unique construction of the watch that serves as a kind of metaphorical representation of the duality of life as both Batman and Bruce Wayne, and the consequential feelings of angst and conflict that envelope not only Bale’s character but the entire of both the “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” films.

Similarly, the portrayal of Tony Stark by Robert Downey Jr. in 2010’s Iron Man 2 is saturated with angst and the conflicted desires of a man leading a double life. Both Wayne and Stark are the leaders of family enterprises, captains of business and socialite-types with a penchant for over-indulgent behaviors (particularly when it comes to booze). However the machinist nature of Iron Man’s superhero identity calls for a more powerful and industrialized feeling watch design. Cue the Jaeger LeCoultre’s AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT watch. The first ceramic watch ever designed by the brand, it’s a durable, powerful machine with advanced technical complications. The all black encasement creates a streamlined, elegant look that offsets the rugged interior, making this a watch that is at once part high-class and part powerful engineering- the true epitome of Stark / the Iron Man himself.

The plight of the super hero is the ongoing battle to find the balance of a life in which he must be at once, super-human, and yet, human still. This contradiction of self is the torment that the hero must endure. Yet, in the case of Jaeger LeCoultre, it is this contradiction that works so magnificently.

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Other Famous Jaeger LeCoultre Watches:

- The Fast and The Furious 5 Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Auto Navy Seals (Paul Walker- Brian O’Connor)

- Eastern Promises Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control (Vigo Mortensen- Nikolai Luzhin)

- The Thomas Crown Affair Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Duo (Pierce Brosnan- Thomas Crown)

- Mad Men Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Classique (Jon Hamm- Don Draper)

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Celebrity Watch: May 23, 2011

It was a big week at the eRelyx HQ for celebrity watch sightings- we were blinded by bling at last night’s Billboard Music Awards (Trey Songz, LL Cool J, 50 cent, Randy Jackson, to name a few) and excited by some of our favorite young stars out and about in luxury timepieces from the likes of Cartier (Joe Jonas) and Rolex (Minka Kelly, Whitney Port).

Photos courtesy of PR Photos (Will Ferrell photo-scan courtesy of People Magazine)


Poll: The Watches of 007

Old Bond goes head to head with the New Bond in today’s poll. Once a pure devotee of Rolex, today’s portrayal of Secret Agent 007 (actor Daniel Craig) wears an Omega. So are you a traditionalist who favors Sean Connery, villains like Dr. No, and your Submariner? Or are you on board with the contemporary Bond men like Brosnan & Craig, and their hi-tech Omega watches.


Big changes at Rolex

There have been some big changes at Rolex in the past couple of weeks.

Earlier this month, Rolex decided to replace its CEO, banker Bruno Meier, after just two years at the helm. Head of Rolex Italy Gian Riccardo Marini was appointed CEO.  In addition, Daniel Neidhart was appointed to the new position of head of foreign subsidiaries, based in Hong Kong.  Many analysts who follow the secretive privately held company believe that the move was made to better position Rolex to capitalize on the growth in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets.  Those markets have exploded and Rolex was not as well prepared as its competitors, such as Omega.

There are also rumors that Rolex will expand its retail presence.  To date, Rolex has mainly relied on its retail partners to drive sales.  This move is not surprising – many brands, including Cartier, have cut back retail partners and added company-owned boutiques.  Discounts one most Rolex watches are tough to come by, but expect to experience even firmer prices.

Finally, as of last week, Rolex has pushed through an ~8% price increase across most, if not all, of its watches.  Want a brand new Rolex Submariner Date?  Be prepared to fork over $8,000.  Unless you make the wise decision to go pre-owned – doing so could save you thousands.

Rolex Daytona Rolex GMT Master II


Celebrity Watch: May 16

It was a big weekend for celebrity-watching with major events like Maxim’s “Hot 100″ Party, The Cannes Film Festival and Kiss FM in LA’s annual Wango-Tango concert. Heres who we spotted out and about sporting some sexy wrist-wear-


Rolex Daytona: Black or White?

Michael Jackson once said “it don’t matter if you’re black or white” …except when it comes to your watch dial. Today we want to know what color dial you prefer on the iconic stainless steel Rolex Daytona- Black or White?


Just Add Ice

Over here at eRelyx we love keeping an eye on the wrists of celebrities and athletes.  From time to time we’re blinded by the diamond-studded custom watches that they’re wearing. Check out a few blinding examples from the ESPY Awards, the NBA Draft, BET’s Hip Hop Awards, and the NFL Draft.  Brrrrrrr.

custom Jacob & Co watch

Wanting to fit in with the cool crowd, I asked myself, “Where can I get one of those iced-out $50,000 custom watches?”  Doesn’t seem like you can stroll into the local Kay’s, whip out your wallet and head home with an icy jaw-dropper.  Well, ESPN the Magazine had an answer for me.  Apparently there’s a jeweler in Florida by the name of Anthony John Machado (below) who outfits professional athletes with all of the watches, bracelets, chains and charms that their bodies (and eyes…and wallets) can handle.

Custom luxury watches

“AJ the Jeweler” got off to a modest start. He sold inexpensive chains and watches (think $100 or so) to the locals from his small strip mall location in Florida.  Then one day in 2000, University of Miami’s star running back Clinton Portis stopped by the store to trade a chain for a ring.  That was the break that AJ needed. AJ took care of Portis and Portis took care of AJ by introducing him to several star athletes in the Hurricane family.  Those college stars graduated to the NFL.  AJ developed a reputation for great custom pieces and great customer service.  His business and his price points grew.  Today, AJ outfits many professional athletes in most of the major sports leagues.

How do the athletes get their watches from AJ the Jeweler?  Easy – he comes to them.  Whether it’s after practice, during a road trip, or at an awards show, AJ will pay the athletes a visit.  He visits them with his human Brinks truck named Hennessy and a backpack loaded with millions in inventory.  AJ claims that his busiest times are around special events like NBA All-Star weekend or the NFL Draft.  Makes sense – you have a large group of the best athletes who are in a good mood.  And our previous blogs (see above) seem to confirm it.

So there you have it.  If you’re looking to buy a $50K iced-out Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, give Anthony John Machado a call.  Or, head to an All-Star game and ask around for AJ the Jeweler – he’s probably there.

(PS – if you’re looking to sell a $50K iced-out Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, we can help)

(Photos by PR Photos and ESPN)


Celebrity Watch: 5/9

This week is all about “Men in Black” -and no we dont mean Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Kanye might lay claim to the creation of the first blacked-out Rolex, but now the hue is going mainstream.  We’ve been spotting the hue making appearances on the wrists of hip hop artists, to professional athletes, to hollywood stars and starlets alike. Check out who we spotted rocking the trend on the Hollywood circuit this week-

photos courtesy of PRphotos


Watch of the Moment: Chanel J12

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means…no, not time to hit the gym and work on our bikini bods (although that probably couldn’t hurt)…its time for a hot new watch that we can show off in all our cute sundresses and tank tops. So we present to you our latest “watch of the moment”- the Chanel J12.

The introduction of the ceramic J12 in 2003 put Chanel on the map in the watch-design industry. The white and black ceramic design spawned a multitude of imitators and put ceramic at the forefront of the luxury watch market. The J12 is a favorite among the rich and the famous and everyone from Cindy McCain, to Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Montag, and Emma Watson have been spotted wearing this, now iconic, timepiece.

The latest addition to the J12 line, Chanel’s Chromatic collection, debuts in the United States June 1. Called “the next big thing in time,” by Elle magazine, the J12 Chomatic is made from a unique combination of ceramic and titanium metals, which gives it a scratch- and break-resistant surface (which can only be crushed by diamond). The innovative metal composition and highly-polished surface together produce the watch’s color- a light-reflective hue that is an every-variant shade of gray. It also comes with a waiting list thats already about a mile long.

So, when the time comes for “sun’s out, guns out,” we wont be checking out the size of your bicep, or your toned up triceps- but we will be judging the watch you’re wearing. Keep those wrists in tip-top shape with something sleek, chic and ceramic like the J12, and relish in all the extra attention you’ll get.  (Oh, and go ahead, tell them its the yoga classes. Your secret is safe with us)

Ready to upgrade to ceramic for the summer or interested in your own J12?  Check out these great watches for sale at eRelyx! (click images for more details):

celebrity photos courtesy of PRphotos