CBS- Charlie Sheen needs a raise. To buy more watches (duh).

Charlie Sheen, who is supposedly cured of his drug and alcohol problems by “the power of [his] mind,” is demanding a pay increase from $2 million an episode to $3 million in order to return to the CBS series Two and a Half Men he – a “tin can” of a sitcom he credits himself with turning “into gold.”

While Sheen’s tirade this morning on NBC’s Today show portrays him as even more of a troubled nut-job than we initially purported, we have to say that the man does have an expensive habit to keep up (and we aren’t referring to his substance abuse).

Earlier this year we blogged about Sheen’s impressive watch collection valued at about $5.6 million (Click here to read). What kinds of watches are included in a collection of that size? We can speculate, but only know of a few pieces for sure. We know Sheen wears a Rolex Yachtmaster on his series, and most of us heard the story of the $150,000 Patek Philippe 5970 that went missing during a stay in October 2010 at the New York Plaza Hotel, after which Sheen publicly accused his date that evening, porn actress Capri Anderson, of stealing the watch.

We wonder what other watches he’s got in that collection… and Charlie, if CBS wont give you the raise, we bet you we could get you a couple dollars selling some watches on eRelyx…


Watch of the Moment – IWC Portuguese Chronograph

Our love affair with the IWC Portuguese Chronograph isn’t new – we’ve loved this watch for a long time.  It’s a beautiful watch – simple and classic without being boring.  It’s a perfect blend of dressy and sporty.  And at 40.9mm, it’s a great size – slightly larger than the standard 40mm men’s watches, but not too big.  Sure, big 44-46mm watches are all the rage these days, but we may see that trend fade over time.  The IWC Portuguese Chronograph is a watch that you will be able to own and love for many, many years.  It will never go out of style.

The other thing that we love about the IWC Portuguese Chronograph is that it’s not on every other wrist you see.  IWC is an amazing brand that has won many prestigious watch awards.  However, it hasn’t caught on with the masses like Rolex, Cartier, and Breitling.  If you talk to true watch enthusiasts, though, there’s a high likelihood that they will cite IWC as one of the best, most respected watch brands out there.

Here are the details:

  • Mechanical Chronograph Movement
  • Self-winding
  • 44-hour Power Reserve
  • Stopwatch Function with Minutes and Seconds
  • Diameter 40.9 mm
  • Retail price: $6,800

Unfortunately, eRelyx does not have any in stock at the moment.  However, we have a great relationship with an authorized dealer.  If you’re interested, we are happy to put you in touch!  Just shoot us an email at


Thursday Style Watch

As part of updating our Blog- the eRelyx team will be posting regular editorials* categorized by date.

Monday- Our favorite topic to blog about (aside from watches)- Celebrities. Each Monday get your dose of Celebrity gossip, photos and updates on who’s wearing what in Hollywood. Tuesday- We’ll take a break from the fluff to give you a little “Watch Education.” Tuesdays will feature posts on everything from the story behind featured brands, definitions and importance of watch functions and attributes, industry news, how-to-guides, advice, and general pertinent information. Wednesdays get your vote on! Every Wednesday will feature a new poll topic that our readers can participate in. Kicking it off today, Thursday, will be our “Style Watch” segment featuring everything from what watch to wear where, our take on the latest in watch trends, and all extended fashion-driven content. Fridays, beginning tomorrow, will be home to our “Watch of the Moment” where we tell you what watch we’re loving this week and why.

Today’s Style Watch is all about the hot spring 2011 trend: White. We’ve seen the white trend all over the Runways at New York Fashion week and strewn across the pages of our favorite mags from Marie Claire, to Vogue, to InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar. From dresses to shirts to handbags- white is hot this spring- and watches are no exception.

While Chanel was first on the scene with the white watch trend, other brands have followed suit including this Omega which we’ve seen on the likes of Nicole Kidman, Minka Kelly (from the March 2011 issue of Self), and featured in the March 2011 issue of Marie Claire.

Our favorite pick? This Tag Heuer white ceramic & stainless steel Ladies’ Formula One (it even has diamonds around the bezel as an added touch of sparkle and elegance). This style has been so popular its nearly impossible to find anywhere- and we have 2, brand new at an incredible price of just $1490. Click the images below to view more details.

*Note: never fear, these daily editorials will not replace our regular content, but appear on top of our standard features dealing with the bigger issues and interesting news, as it arises.


And the winner is…

With 61% of the votes, the winner of the first ever

eRelyx Watch Madness is the Panerai Luminor Marina!

Congratulations also to Jonathan Prothro, he is the winner of the first ever eRelyx Watch Madness! Jonathan won an eRelyx Prize Pack! Jonathan, we will contact you soon so you receive your prize.

Check out the Luminor Marina’s road to victory below.

Below are all of the watches that the Panerai Luminor Marina beat out for the title.

Watches eliminated in Round 1

Watches eliminated in the Sweet Sixteen

Watches Eliminated in the Elite Eight

Watches Eliminated in the Final Four

Watch Madness Runner-up


Going With It

Adam Sandler’s newest movie “Just Go With It” might be lacking laughs but its certainly not lacking in hot chicks who wear hot watches.

Blonde Beauties, Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston turned up to the Berlin and Madrid photo-calls for the movie in big, bold, gold watches. Aniston (an eRelyx regular at this point) was wearing that same gold Rolex (a supposed gift from ex-beau John Mayer…) we’ve blogged about many times before.

Decker wore what appears to be a very similar style, although, from the angle she’s standing at its hard to be certain exactly what brand/model it is- could be a Rolex Day-Date with a president bracelet- if you have a better guess, let us know!

Meanwhile, Sandler was the odd-man-out in the trio. Having opted not to “go with it” (the gold watch trend that is), we were left wondering how the heck he got between two of the hottest starlets in Hollywood…

Photos Courtesy of PR Photos

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ESQUIRE Spring 2011 Style Watch

The March 2011 issue of men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, Esquire, is all about Spring Style. And oozing from its pages we found some very compelling reasons to shop at eRelyx. The 2011 Spring Style Awards feature issues the Tag Heuer Steel Carrera Calibre 1887 chronograph as their best watch pick.

In terms of re-stocking a stylish wardrobe for spring, Esquire also names Vintage Watches on their list of things to “Buy.” Things to hold onto? Diving watches. Sell? Boat shoes, buffalo-plaid shirts & non-formal bow ties…(note: the lack of “watch” on the sell list- perhaps due to the eternally-stylish nature of the timepiece).

And in Esquire‘s “High-Low Theory of the World” Watches fall into the mid-high category with “items in your wardrobe [that] are always worth spending the extra money on.”

We think Esquire makes some valuable points, emphasizing the crucial contribution a watch makes to a man in terms of his personal style. We also agree with the magazine’s projected advising to men everywhere that a watch is a worthwhile investment that is eternally wearable and an integral part of any outfit.

With March approaching, perhaps its time to do a little “spring cleaning” and think about upgrading, or making that first investment into, your own luxury watch.

Check out some of our favorite picks for Spring available now from eRelyx . Click on the images below to view more details.


eRelyx Watch Madness Championship: IWC vs. Panerai

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IWC Portuguese Automatic Chronograph


Panerai Luminor Marina

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Voting will continue for 48 hours and will close at 3 pm EST on February 23, 2011.

Like the watches you see above? Check out these two Panerai Luminor Marinas for sale from eRelyx! Click on the images below for more details.

Click the image below to see how the bracket has played out so far.


Presidential Time

Today is the national US holiday known as President’s Day. In honor of the occasion we’ve taken this opportunity to offer you a little retrospective lesson in History. Here are some highlights of America’s most recognizable leaders, their legacy and impact on history, and the watches they wore.

Dwight D. Eisenhower. 34th President. Served two terms 1953-1961. Historians often rank Eisenhower as one of the 10 greatest Presidents of all time for his Cold War efforts, including the removal of Joseph McCarthy from political power, and extension of New Deal policies including social security expansion and the 1956 Federal-Aid Highway Act. In the realm of “wristwatch” historical figures, Eisenhower is notable for being gifted the first gold Rolex Datejust with the aptly-named “President” bracelet. Following Eisenhower’s lead, LBJ, Nixon, and Reagan were all dedicated Rolex fans as well.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK). 35th President. One of America’s most recognizable and publicly favored figureheads. JFK is also a favorite among horological historians for his affection for and variety of luxury timepieces. His collection includes a gold Rolex Day-Date President bracelet (rumored to be a birthday gift from his supposed lover- Marilyn Monroe), an Omega Speedmaster and a Cartier Tank Solo that Jackie gave to him for their 4th wedding anniversary, the case back featured an engraving of the Kennedy family arms and their wedding date. This was also the watch JFK was wearing upon his tragic assassination in November 1963.

Clinton, much like JFK, is a notorious figurehead in both the historical and horological sense. While his scandalous affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky captured America’s attention, horologists better recognize the 42nd President of the United States as a connoisseur of fine watches. Clinton has an impressive collection of Panerai and Cartier including a Panerai Luminor Marina, Cariter Ballon Bleu Tourbillon, and Cartier Santos-Dumont.

George W. Bush Jr. The 43rd President of the United States may be remembered as much for his leadership during the tragedy of 9-11 as he is for the “war on terror” and accusations of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. As one of America’s most controversial and, dare-we-say-it, hated Presidents, Bush may also offend watch-snobs everywhere for his preference of a Timex Indiglo over more “presidential brands” like Rolex and Cartier.

Today, the US welcomes “Change” under the leadership of its 44th President- Barack Obama. While the historical legacy of Obama & his administration is still undetermined, they do represent a diverse and divine assortment of timepieces. Obama himself is a Tag Heuer man- most often seen wearing a Tag Series 1500 Divers watch. He also put the mid-range watch designer, Jorg Gray, on the map- wearing a stainless steel Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chronograph that was a custom made gift for his 46th birthday in 2007 by his Secret Service. Meanwhile, Obama’s VP, Joe Biden, is a true Omega man- rarely seen without his stainless steel Seamaster.

And as for the First Lady? Michelle Obama has proven herself to be a notable influence on American fashion and style icon. She is often spotted wearing trendier, less-expensive pieces such as the neon purple ceramic piece from the Toy Watch. But when the occasion calls for stepping it up a notch, Michelle, like the iconic First Lady before her, Jacqueline O’Nassis Kennedy, knows nothing exudes style and timeless elegance like her stainless steel Cartier Tank Francaise.


eRelyx Watch Madness Final Four: Rolex vs. IWC

Final Four Matchup 2

Rolex Daytona


IWC Portuguese Automatic Chronograph

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Voting will continue for 24 hours and will close at 3 pm EST on February 19, 2011.

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You want our opinion? You got it.

Oftentimes customers will ask us for our opinion on a watch – and we’re not afraid to give it to them. There’s nothing worse than a salesperson that always says, “I love it” or, “That looks amazing on you” when you know it’s not true.

Can you blame the salesperson? Not really. They’re trying to make a sale.  But that “looks-great-no-matter-what” approach is somewhat short-sighted. For example, let’s say that you’re trying on a shirt at a local clothing store. You think it looks pretty good, but you’re still on the fence. A salesperson walks over and tells you how great it looks. You decide to buy it.

You wear the shirt for a couple of weeks and begin to realize that it doesn’t look great on you. Maybe your friends point and chuckle.  The shirt finds a permanent home in the back of your closet. When it comes time to go out and buy another shirt, you’re hesitant to go back to the original retailer because your experience was sub-par. On top of that, you’re not recommending the original retailer to your friends.

What’s the takeaway? A salesperson should focus on increasing the number of satisfied customers – not just the number of customers.  Focusing on satisfied customers will likely pay off in the long run.  Salespeople want their customers to wear their new shirt all the time, rave about it to their friends, and come back when it’s time to buy another shirt.  (Plus – it feels good knowing that you made someone happy!)

If you want our opinion on a watch, we’ll give it to you.  Are we always right?  Nope.  Watches are such a personal purchase.  At the end of the day, YOU need to love the watch.  But we’re here to help think through the purchase.

Here comes an opinion: The mid-size Rolex Datejust Turn-o-graph is a GREAT first watch for women. (There are variations on the dial color and band style).

Rolex Datejust Turn-o-graph

Here’s why:

1. It’s a Rolex – if you buy a pre-owned model, you should feel pretty good about it holding its value over time.

2. It’s a great size.  Women are wearing large, bold watches these days.  Many women are wearing 40mm watches – a size once reserved for men.  However, there’s no guarantee that this trend will last forever.  The Turn-o-graph, at 36mm is a great compromise.

3. The watch is classic, but still offers some “flair.” The red second hand and red date is such a cool added feature.  It’s like the red soles on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.  Do the red soles have any functionality?  Nope.  Are they fun and noticeable?  Yep. I’ve never worn a pair (I swear), but I bet women get an extra boost of confidence because they ARE fun and noticeable.

4. It’s versatile.  You can wear it with a suit.  You can wear it with jeans.  You can wear it with shorts.  You can wear it with long sleeves and short sleeves.  It will go with almost any color clothing.  It will always look natural.  If you have one amazing watch, versatility is key!

So – what do you think?  We’re curious to hear YOUR opinions.  After all, your opinions are more important than ours!

Check out the Rolex Turn-o-graphs that we currently have in stock:

Stainless Steel Rolex Datejust Turn-o-graph

Two-tone Rolex Datejust Turn-o-graph