Friday Mailbag: May 28, 2010

The eRelyx blog readership continues to soar.  People love reading about pre-owned luxury watches, entrepreneurship, and celebrities.  Thanks again for all of the great comments.  I love to hear from my readers.  Here is the latest installment of Friday Mailbag with my readers’ unedited comments and my responses.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Comment 1: I saw this really great post today. Here you can always look the cheap Red camouflage pants!

Response 1: Thanks for the fashion advice.  However, just because I might ask Baby Bash to be my spokesperson doesn’t mean that I’m going to start wearing hip hop gear.  Unless my readers would like to see it (let me know).

Comment 2: Hello. And Bye.

Response 2: Wait!  What did I do?  I’m sorry.  I’m just trying to sell pre-owned luxury watches.  If I offended you in the process, I apologize.  Come back.

Comment 3: Well, There’s good info here. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

Response 3: Well, not that last guy.

Comment 4: Good blog, I recently came across it and I’m already a fan. I just lost 30 pounds in 30 days, and I am excited to share my weight loss success with as many people as possible. If I can lose the weight then any one can. Whatever you do, never give up and you WILL attain every one of your weight loss ambitions!

Response 4: Congrats!  Wait a second.  Did you just call me fat?  Be nice.  There are kids reading this blog.  (Kids: Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me)

Comment 5: I’ve already bookmark this article and will definitely refer this article to all my close friends and colleagues. Thanks for posting!

Response 5: Please do.  I’m pretty sure that my friends are tired of me asking them to spread the word on eRelyx.  PS, friends: if you’re not tired of me asking, then please tell all of your friends (or anyone that will listen) about eRelyx.

Comment 6: Hi,this is Steven Ratleff,just observed your web-site on google and i must say this blog is great.may I share some of the writing found in this post to my local students?i’m not sure and what you think?anyway,Thanks!

Response 6: Hi Steven Ratleff.  Like I said, my friends are probably getting tired of spreading the word, so I appreciate your offer to help.

Comment 7: Great news! Become an agent for Inernet Modeling, and make money recruiting models from your visitors. Easily earn 1,000 dollars per week!

Response 7: Amazing.  A. As an entrepreneur, I need a source of income.  B. My readers and friends are all really, really good looking.

Comment 8: Nice! I like that you think. Thank you for share very

Response 8: Appreciate it, Yoda.

Comment 9: Great journey and experience!

Response 9: Thanks.  If I had a dollar for every person who shared that comment with me I’d be rich.  No really.  I would be rich.

Comment 10: Hello really nice website, I found your website as I was research on possibly how to develop my web log. I was just what spam software program you employ for comments because I get lots on my blog.

Response 10: I think it’s pretty safe to say that you’re asking the wrong person about that.


Should I Double My Market Size Estimates for Pre-owned Luxury Watches?

If for some crazy reason Jennifer Aniston does not want to become the face of eRelyx, I have a backup plan.  It’s this guy:

(Photo by PR Photos)

Ladies and gentlemen – I present Baby Bash.  Baby Bash is a rapper who has worked with other well-known musicians like T-Pain, Akon, and Sean Kingston.  I don’t really know too much about him, but he clearly has a great sense of style – after all, he wears two watches…at the same time.  Makes sense.

Two feet – two shoes

Two hands – two gloves

Two wrists – two watches

Plus, if one of your watches breaks, you’ve got a back-up plan.  You’ll never miss an appointment  Not only does this fashion statement look great, but it’s practical as well.

Time to double my luxury watch market size estimates.  This is one fashion statement that will definitely catch fire (I hope).  Spread the word.


Chris Harrison from The Bachelorette Loves Big Watches

(Photo by PR Photos)

I’ll admit it – I watch the Bachelorette.  I also watched Jake pick Vienna on The Bachelor.  As I watched the other night, I had several observations:

  1. The host, Chris Harrison, LOVES big watches.  He had a huge watch last season.  He has a huge watch this season.  Last season’s looked like an Audemars Piguet.  Haven’t figured out what he’s wearing this season.  I’ll keep all of you posted (and if you know, please leave a comment).  Chris has been spotted with a rather large Raymond Weil as well (see above).
  2. Ali, despite what she claims, is not giving up anything to be on the show.  Your job at Facebook?  A, I bet they’d hire you back after the show.  B, If they don’t, you’ve got a job at eRelyx – and I’ll pay you 50% more than what Facebook was paying you.  Your apartment?  I bet you have a nicer place in less than a year.  Let’s be honest.  You left your job and apartment to be on The Bachelorette, after which you’ll be famous.  If you’re giving up anything, it’s your anonymity.
  3. I need a haircut.  Jay convinced me.
  4. Did “Shooter” really think that it was “cute to break the ice” with the story behind his nickname?  To quote Seth and Amy, “Really?!?!”
  5. People need to stop saying stuff like, “Thank God” when they get a rose.  It’s tired. (Hunter – I’m talking to you.  Jonathan – take notes)

So who’s going to win?  I’ll weigh in.

Early departures:  Jonathan, Kasey, Craig R., Tyler V., Chris N., Craig M.

Next wave:  Frank, John C., Justin, Kirk

They’ll stick around, but still have no shot:  Jesse, Hunter, Steve, Ty, Chris L.

Front runners:  Roberto, Chris H.

Ultimate Winner: Chris H.

Book it.  And to the ultimate winner – shoot me an email and we can work out some sort of endorsement deal for pre-owned luxury watches.


Watch of the Moment – Oris Divers Small Second, Date

It’s easy to recommend watches like the Rolex Daytona, Omega Seamaster, or Panerai Luminor Marina.  The brands are well-known and the models are widely recognized.

It’s harder to recommend a great watch from a lesser known brand that isn’t super-expensive (around $2K).  However, one such watch is the Oris Divers Small Second /Date watch shown above.

If you know me, you know I like big, chunky, sporty watches.  This Oris model is just that.  It’s a massive 47mm and certainly looks sporty.  Here’s the stock description on the Oris website: The chunky stainless steel case gives this watch an indestructible look. Designed for professional use it has a helium valve for pressure adjustment and an extendable rubber or metal bracelet. Pop it on over your wetsuit and you’re good to go. Available in beautiful blue or vibrant orange it may be heavy, but it won’t cramp your style.

I truly believe that the Oris brand will take off if one of their watches is seen on the wrist of a famous young celeb.  If there are any famous celebs reading this, send me a note – I’ll pay for the watch if you wear it for a few months and tell anyone who will listen that it was recommended to you by eRelyx.  Deal?

If you want an Oris of your own, check out this list of authorized dealers:


Nadal to Wear a $500K Watch During French Open

(Photo by PR Photos)

All eyes will be on Rafael Nadal as he competes in the French Open this week.  Not only is he a tournament favorite, but he’s wearing a pretty spectacular watch as well.  Watch manufacturer Richard Mille is outfitting the tennis star with a $535K luxury watch.  Don’t worry, at only 20 grams it won’t slow him down.

I know what all of you are thinking – “Where can I get one?”  You should probably give Richard Mille a call directly.  And hurry – only 50 were made.


Celebrity Watches – May 24, 2010

If you’re a watch enthusiast, you always notice what people are wearing on their wrists – in person, in magazines, on the Internet, or on TV.  Lately, I’ve seen a lot of luxury watches on the wrists of some of our favorite TV stars.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the wrists of the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy.   Or, check out Entourage.  Rolex and Audemars Piguet deserve to show up in the credits – they’re getting plenty of screen time.

Reality show stars are joining the luxury watch fray as well.  This week I’ll take a look at the watches worn by some of our favorite reality TV stars.  Where should I start?  How about the Kardashian clan?

(Photo by PR Photos)

If we’re talking reality TV, we’ve got to include the Kardashians.  No ifs, ands, or butts about it.  If you read the gossip magazines, you’ll quickly notice that Kim doesn’t wear watches very often.  However, Kris, Kourtney, and Rob love to wear some of the most recognizable watch brands.  For Kris, it’s a gold Rolex Daytona (seen above).  For Kourtney, it’s a $30K Cartier watch – however, it was reported stolen (along with fiancé Scott Disick’s Rolex) from her home at the end of last year.  Rob has a few watches to his name, but is often spotted in a Panerai Luminor Marina.

(Photo by PR Photos)

What kind of reality TV show blog would this be if I failed to mention The Hills?  Brody Jenner is spotted above wearing a watch that is both huge and expensive – perhaps it was custom-made by Jacob & Co (or maybe a Curtis & Co).  And speaking of “The Hills” and “huge and expensive”…

(Photo by PR Photos)

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt love luxury watches.  Above, Heidi is showing off a Chanel J12 ceramic watch.

(Photo by PR Photos)

Much to Heidi’s dismay, she’s not the only blonde reality TV show star getting lots of press these days.  Holly Madison is out promoting her new show, “Holly’s World,” an off-spring of “The Girls Next Door.”  While making the rounds, Holly is often spotted wearing a Gucci watch.

Jillian Michaels, Biggest Loser, Rolex Daytona, Rolex, celebrity watches

(Photo by PR Photos)

Another woman with a new reality show on the way is Jillian Michaels.  If you want your arms to look like hers, just go out and buy that gold Rolex Daytona she’s wearing above.  That should do the trick.

Stay tuned for more celebrity watch blogs.  And if you’re not doing so already, please follow me on twitter (@erelyx).  Also, please become a fan of our facebook page here: eRelyx



Friday Mailbag: May 21, 2010

I continue to be amazed by the thought and effort that my blog readers put into their comments.  When I decided to write a blog about pre-owned luxury watches, I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested.  Boy was I wrong.  Thanks everyone!  Keep the comments coming.

Comment 1: This story had some good ideas, but I’m going to send it to my boss and see what they think. I’m always getting stuff in my email from them, so I might as well share some cool things I find. Thanks, Kelly Malthus

Response 1: Thanks, Kelly Malthus.  Let me know what your boss says.  My guess is that you’ll get promoted on the spot.  If not, we’re always looking to add employees.  We’ve already got several great ones.  I think.

Comment 2: Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say that I’ve really liked browsing your posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you write again soon! Here is my blog about Auto Insurance.

Response 2: What is it with you people and cars?  BTW – Auto Insurance blog? That sounds fantastic.  I’ll add that to my blog rotation – right between the Pulling Teeth blog and the Bamboo Underneath Fingernails blog.

Comment 3: I just read about this in the paper! It contains wonderful and helpful posts. How I wish I’d known about this blog before. I would have loved to have worked on this project! What a great accomplishment. Beautiful. Congratulations to you.

Response 3: I just got the goose bumps.  Thank you so much!!  And people are talking about eRelyx in the papers?  Exciting!  If things don’t work out with Kelly, you’re hired!

Comment 4: Hola, En la carga de antivirus mi pбgina de poner alerta, por favor de verificaciуn.

Response 4: Hola.  We don’t use words like p6gina and poner on this site.  There are kids reading this blog.

Comment 5: To market in terms of quality rather than price, and in order to differentiate accordingly, you need to follow the standard format of the 4 P’s marketing plan. That is, Price, Product, Place and Promotion – obviously you know the main attributes of the product, and the price, but for ‘place’ you should think about the type of people who are willing to pay over 4x price of competing product – whereas the cheap option may be sold where emphasis is on cost, your product will be suited to places/distributors where the customers will be willing to pay for quality.

Response 5: You’re hired.  I fell asleep after the first sentence, but it sounds like you know what you’re talking about.

Comment 6: Tourist season, people travel more, and people like to focus scenic spots, and thus make these tourist attractions of tourism resources and services to rise due to short supply and prices, especially in the holiday period, the situation is even worse. If the time to travel to these places, no doubt to increase a lot. And consciously avoid the travel peak tourist hot spots, to the relatively cold, especially those new to the tourism development of the scenic area, you can save some money.

Response 6: First a marketing genius, and now an economics PhD.  I’m really excited about the caliber of people reading my blog.  BTW – your comment is very timely.  I’m heading to Florida soon.

Comment 7: virtual beach nude dance

Response 7: Wait.  What?  I’m confused.  I’m going to Florida to play golf and tennis and relax by the pool.  In a bathing suit.

Comment 8: I would like to ask – don’t you mind if I will quate some information from your blog because I am writing articles for the Hub pages, Ezine and other articles directories (this is my part time job)? It would really help me with some of mine articles.

Response 8: Absolutely.  Don’t quit your day job though.

Comment 9: buy accutane

Response 9: Ouch.

Comment 10: Just write like you’re talking to your friends. And soon, they will be

Response 10: So true.  Except for accutane guy.  We’re not talking.

Comment 11: I agree that Jenn’s lookin a little rough these days

Response 11: Wait a second.  I NEVER said that.  You are banned from this site forever.  Jennifer – if (when) you’re reading this, you have to believe me.  I would never say anything like that about you.  I swear.

How can you say this looks rough?? (Photo by PR Photos)

Have a great weekend.  Stay tuned for next week – I’ll be responding to a reader’s request for great watches in the thousand dollar price range (you may see a hefty dose of Tag Heuer, Baume & Mercier and  Oris).  I’ll also continue with celebrity watches – I’ve already got photo of a big time celeb wearing a popular Panerai model.  And I’ll also be taking a look at the watches of reality TV stars.


Jennifer Aniston – Will You Be the eRelyx Spokeswoman?

All of us over here at eRelyx have a huge watch crush on Jennifer Aniston.  Okay, it’s just a plain old crush.  BUT, she does have some great watches.

Jennifer – if (when) you’re reading this, drop us a note – we’d love to talk business.  I think we could strike up a mutually beneficial relationship.  We could really use a celebrity spokesperson, and you could probably use the work (you know, tough economy).  Plus, don’t you need a place to sell your watches that were gifts from ex-boyfriends?  We can donate ALL of the proceeds in your name to the charity of your choice.  Let’s talk.

Back to business.  Jennifer appears to be in love with classic watches.  Does that surprise anyone?  Probably not – everything about her screams classic.  Her style has been very consistent over the years.

(Photo by PR Photos)

At the 2003 People’s Choice Awards she wore what appears to be a Rolex Datejust.  As you’ll see from the other photos, she’s a big Rolex fan.

(Photo by PR Photos)

She also loves Cartier.  She’s been spotted many times wearing a Cartier Roadster.  In the photo above, Jennifer is seen on the set of The Bounty wearing a Cartier Tank Francaise watch.  Again, a VERY classic watch that I’ve blogged about multiple times.

(Photo by PR Photos)

There are plenty of rumors floating around indicating that Aniston got a couple of great watches from her ex-boyfriend John Mayer.  Above, during a launch party for Marley and Me, Aniston is seen with Owen Wilson wearing a customized black PVD coated Rolex Milgauss.  It’s often mistaken for a black ceramic Chanel J12 watch.  Both are great looking watches – trendy with classic roots.

(Photo by PR Photos)

Finally, we see Aniston wearing a gold 36mm Rolex Day-Date.  There are also rumors that this watch was a gift from John Mayer.  If that’s true, I have two thoughts:

  1. Jennifer – would you like to sell that watch on eRelyx?
  2. John – wanna grab a bite sometime?  Let me know.

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Much better

When you’re selling luxury watches, fancy business cards are a must.  The first round that I ordered from UV Cards ( were a bit too brown.  Fortunately they reprinted the order.  The new cards (on the left) look much better!


Celebrity Watches – May 19, 2010

As all of you know, the world is obsessed with celebrities.  Everyone wants to know where celebs are eating, who they’re dating, what they’re wearing, what their kids are wearing, etc.  Well, I want to know what watches they’re wearing – and I hope you do too.  Every week I’ll devote at least one blog posting to celebrity watches.  Feel free to chime in and let everyone know what you think of the watches.  Also, if you happen to snap any of your own celebrity watch photos, please share them!

Today’s post is devoted to two athletes – David Beckham and LeBron James.

(Photo by PR Photos)

David Beckham took in a Lakers game (seen here with DJ Mbenga) the other night sporting a Rolex Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA.  No doubt a great watch, but it strikes me as a bit “plain” for Beckham.  He’s a fashionable guy.  And he’s married to Victoria Beckham, a woman known for her great sense of style.  You’d think he’d have some crazy watch (and maybe he does back home).  Who knows, maybe he doesn’t want to distract our eyes from the artwork on his arms.  Certainly possible.  Regardless, this watch is a classic.  It can be yours for around nine grand.

(Photo by PR Photos)

LeBron James is also known for being a fashionable guy.  He undoubtedly has dozens of watches.  In this photo he’s seen showing off what looks like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore.  However, it does look similar to the Hublot Big Bang – a watch that Joe Torre is often seen wearing with his Dodgers uniform (strange combo if you ask me).  If you want to add LeBron’s Royal Oak Offshore to your collection, bring your checkbook(s).   The model that he appears to be wearing is around forty grand!

Stay tuned for more celebrity watches – and if you notice a watch on a celebrity, let me know and I’ll try to get a pic posted!

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